Got it! (was: Re: [OS X TeX] TeXniscope and pdfsync)

Massimiliano Gubinelli mgubi at
Fri Nov 11 10:34:25 CET 2005

On 10 Nov 2005, at 17:04, Thomas Schröder wrote:

>> Another thing to try is to include only the current chapter in the
>> compilation to see if it is a problem related to the size of the pdf.
> First I tried to produce a very large PDF by using the same chapter  
> over and over and that worked flawlessly. Then I started to comment  
> out all chapters and adding them again one by one to see where the  
> glitch started to show up. The glitch persisted with three  
> particular chapters, all the others worked flawlessly. I then  
> checked what was different about them, and it turns out to be a  
> rather strange quirk. In those three chapters I used the alternate  
> hyphen "–" , which you get by pressing Alt-minus on a German  
> keyboard, in chapter and section commands. I guess, TeXniscope  
> stumbled over those, when the hyperref-package produced the table  
> of contents, where of course they turned up again.

Ok. that makes sense. I can imagine which kind of bug could be show  
up here. I will try to fix this but I'm currently a bit short of  
spare time so I do not have definite schedule for the next release.  
My plan was to rewrite a part of TeXniscope but this was a year  
ago... I think I will release in some month just a small revision  
with a bunch of bug fixes and leave big projects for the  
unpredictable future.

As far as donations, I haven't though about before. But seems a nice  
idea :->.
Maybe starting from the next release...

In any case thanks for the suggestion and for the detailed bug report.


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