[OS X TeX] Is there a bigpdflatex?

Michael Hoppe mh at michael-hoppe.de
Mon May 30 10:33:41 CEST 2005

>With older versions of  teTeX  it wasn't necessary to rebuild
>the formats just to increase the amount of memory available.

Yes, say: some of them.

>Here is the relevant section, and comments,
>from my installation:


>main_memory =                   1500000 % words of inimemory 
>available; also applies to inimf&mp
>extra_mem_bot    =              0 % extra high memory for chars, tokens, etc.
>extra_mem_top    =              2000000 % extra low memory for 
>boxes, glue, breakpoints, etc.
>So if in your texmf.cnf  file
>         (the one found by:    kpsewhich texmf.cnf  )
>you change the  extra_mem_top  parameter, if there is one,
>then it shouldn't be necessary to rebuild any formats.
>Hopefully it'll "just work".

You're right.  I am able to change obj_tab_size or 
extra_mem_bot.pdflatex, e.g., to some other values, and those values 
are used as my log-file reports it.  So firstly, the texmf.cnf-file 
in which the changes are done is used.  So the question remains: 
What is the name of the environment variable that has an effect on 
pdf_mem_size?  Obviously, the name is not "pdf_mem_size".  Or is that 
value hard-wired into pdf(e)latex?

>The failure occurs while using a 'microtype' font-name.
>I'd guess that the document is fine without Microtype, right ?

Yes, refer to my first posting here: the problem arose while I was 
trying to achieve font expansion to some other fonts, namely the 

>Try increasing any such low values by a factor of 10 or more.

That's the point: HOW?


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