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Ettore Aldrovandi ealdrov at zeno.math.fsu.edu
Fri May 27 23:22:43 CEST 2005

On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 10:57:40PM +0200, Gerben Wierda wrote:
> On 27 May 2005, at 17:39, Rodrigo Banuelos wrote:

> >I know this to do with bash vs tcsh but, what is the permanent
> >solution?
> It does not have to do with bash vs tcsh. The problem is that
> xterm does not create login shells, but subshells only and as a
> result parts of the initialization (e.g. /etc/csh.login) are
> not read at all. Since the TeX i-Package has modified the shell
> login scripts, you do not get the right PATH.
> There is (or at least I do not know) no generic file I could
> patch for X11 that would change this for *all* users. And the
> TeX install I provide is multi-user.


is read by non login shells.


is read by interactive shells, I'm not sure if non-login--but I
don't use bash, so I can't say precisely. (In scripts I invoke it
as /bin/sh anyway.)

So one could set the path there, although that's probably an
inelegant solution.

A more elegant solution could be to set the path in the
.MacOSX/environment.plist file. In that way the correct
environment would be inherited by X11.app and its children (via

> Maybe some X11 guru can finally tell me how to do this
> system-wide.  Maybe there is some personal .xinit file where
> you can change environment settings. I do not use X11, so I do
> not have the knowledge.

Well, I'm not a guru. Anyway, X executes the user's .xinitrc or,
missing that, /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc. In the default
configuration the latter starts an xterm and execs quartz-wm. It
is a /bin/sh script, hence it's perfectly conceivable to set the
path there, like:

export PATH

I used to have this in my own .xinitrc, to add Darwinports plus
other stuff, but later on I erased it in favor of a stock
system-wide xinitrc plus .MacOSX/environment.plist.

Hope this helps

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