[OS X TeX] Line thickness in TeXShop preview (and Preview.app) on Tiger

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed May 25 00:47:50 CEST 2005

On 20 mai 05, at 14:00, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 20 mai 05 à 09:22, Jan Hegewald a écrit :
>> remember: You can always disable some languages for a specific  
>> application via Finders info panel. So you can disable French for  
>> AR. For this to do one needs write permission for the  application.
> That's what I had tried first, having done it for other  
> applications on several occasions already. But for Adobe Reader  
> that doesn't seem feasible: in the Info window for the application,  
> the French language is checked but dimmed, so that the setting  
> cannot be changed.

Just realizing this is not specific to Adobe Reader, but to Tiger: it  
seems that, in Tiger, the default language (the one on top of the  
list in System Prefs/International/Language) is dimmed in the  
Finder's Get Info box for all applications, and can't be unchecked.

Just hope there's a pref or checkbox somewhere, that I haven't seen  
thus far and that can be used to alter this behaviour: there are apps  
whose localization is no good, and that I would prefer to run in  
English, the rest of the system being in French; and I would prefer a  
solution not involving modifying app bundles (by removing resources  
inside them).

An alternative solution is, of course, to use English for all apps by  
putting English on top of the list in International/Language. I  
wouldn't mind, weren't it for some apps that seem to require being  
launched in French to run properly on my setup (why?). For examples,  
when launched in English, Pages complains about a missing template.

[OT'er-than-the-rest rant: I'm getting really fed up by all the bugs  
everywhere in Pages. How could Apple release such crappy software,  
clearly not ready for prime time? I just spent half an hour fighting  
with tabs, just to realize these simply don't work: you can create  
tabs in the ruler, and then press the tab key on your keyboard, this  
key will actually insert only spaces (one each time it's pressed),  
not navigate from one tab to the next. Similarly Copy and Paste  
Styles in second-level lists just doesn't work: it's always the style  
for first-level lists that will be pasted, even though you took care  
to copy beforehand the style from a second-level list item. And  
that's just two bugs among many! You decide to go WYSIWYG for once,  
because you've got to produce a document on very tight schedule and  
the graphical quality of the result is unimportant, only the content  
is important, and you end up wasting time on bugs that could have  
been spent getting a nicer result with TeX -- or getting a couple  
more hours of sleep.]

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