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Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Sun May 22 19:42:01 CEST 2005

Le 22 mai 05 à 18:58, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> Le 22 mai 05 à 18:10, Alain Matthes a écrit :
>> In a folder (FA) i have some files f1; f2; f4; and f5
>> I would like to compile all the files of the folder
>> The next code works with success :
>> with the packages  ifthen and calc and  with a modification of my  
>> texmf.cnf file
>> \newcounter{max}
>> \setcounter{max}{6}
>> \newcounter{nb}
>> \setcounter{nb}{1}
>> \whiledo{\value{nb}<\value{max}}{%
>> \InputIfFileExists{FA/f\thenb}{}{}
>> \setcounter{nb}{\value{nb}+1}}
>> I need \InputIfFileExists because there is no f3 in the list of  
>> files.
>> Now i would like to compile only the files f1 and f5.
>> \newcommand{\set}{1,5}
> Are you willing to put together the result of the compilation of  
> all f* files in a single PDF file, or are you simply willing to  
> compile separately all f* files in a given directory?
> - In the second case, you could try, in Terminal, after using "cd"  
> to move to the required directory, something like
>     apply pdflatex f*.tex
> This may require passing on options to pdflatex, to get the desired  
> page setup for the output.
> - In the first case, you could use LaTeX's \include facility.  
> Namely, create a master file of the form
>     \documentclass{report}
>     \includeonly{f1,f2,f4,f5}
>     %\includeonly{f1,f5}
>     \begin{document}
>     \include{f1}
>     \include{f2}
>     \include{f4}
>     \include{f5}
>     \end{document}
> In case you want to compile only f1 and f5, comment out the first  
> \includeonly and uncomment the second. The drawback of this method  
> is that, of course, it's not automated and you have to enter the  
> file names manually. And that each new input file will start a new  
> page (or even possibly a new right-hand page and add a blank left- 
> hand page if necessary).

Thanks for the answer .

It's  the second case but it's not automated !! [ if i have 20 or 30  
files in a folder :( ( exercices of math...)] and  each new input  
file will start a new page (I do not want that). If i want a document  
with all the exercices, my method with \InputIfFileExists is fine ( i  
can insert a macro for numerotation and presentation etc....

i need a method with a list like \newcommand{\set}{1,5} etc... in the  
case of a choice of some exercices (for example 10 over 30) and  
because i can make a macro and i put the macro in a class. I

In fact, I seek a Package to program some lists of elements. There is  
some examples  in TeX In Pratice v III (Stephane Von Bechtolsheim)  
but in TEX not LATEX.

And i would like to understand why the example of the Guide to Latex  
(fourth Edition Kopka-Daly ) page 439

\@for \xx:=\set \do {This is the \xx.}

do not work

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