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Jan Anderssen jan at
Fri May 20 22:57:30 CEST 2005

> Unfortunately the problem is more complicated.
> I use the UTF-8 encoding and a very helpfull person on usenet  
> modified a csf-file for bibtex8 that enabled me to sort unicode  
> characters to my liking. But it was impossible to sort Aa as Å (as  
> is customary in Danish). Then I thought there might be a way to  
> specify this in my bibtex entry. A way comparable to the syntax  
> used with makeindex (as in  \index{Åsen at Aasen}).


Kai von Fintel has some remarks on sorting Names containing "von" in  
the right place, while still treating "von" as part of the last name.  
Something like this might work for you?

As described in the Latex Companion (p. 404), you can force Bibtex to  
sort on the name without the “von”. The trick consists of two parts:

At the beginning of the .bib-file, write:
For each author with a “von” etc. in the name change their name to  
the following:
author = "{\SortNoop{Fintel}}von Fintel, Kai"
What goes on here is that for Latex (which reads the .bbl-file  
generated by Bibtex), the \SortNoop command is defined to be vacuous,  
so the extra material is thrown away. But Bibtex sees the material  
and sorts on it.


Maybe for you author = "{\SortNoop{Åsen}}Aasen" would work.


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