[OS X TeX] A working version of emacs (fwd)

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed May 11 14:45:27 CEST 2005

Am 11.05.2005 um 13:49 schrieb Joseph C. Slater:

> Too bad we can't convince the authors of the distributions to include 
> this capability. This is an issue about which I (clearly) know 
> nothing. Have you asked them in the past?

No, Joe, because they can't do anything. I complained in bug reports a 
few times, but not that much progress. The problem is in Carbon Emacs' 
past, the way it was prepared for Mac OS 9. The font selection is based 
on mimicking an X11 mechanism instead of using proper ATSUI or such 
things, as Emacs-on-Aqua uses.

To change this you'd need to re-write a lot of C and Elisp code. This 
then *has* to be accepted by Richard Stallman to become integrated into 
Emacs' core. Could be YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu can do something. Last 
December he introduced a new Elisp function in CVS, 
create-fontset-from-mac-roman-font, which makes the creation of 
fontsets easier. (Some elderly Carbon Emacsen as ECE don't understand 

I think Emacs is clever enough to understand that a particular font 
needs to be selected to display a particular glyph. The problem only is 
that it gets fonts and font encodings presented that are incorrect, so 
no real complete and correct vector of glyphs can be built. The reason 
for this malfunction probably, that Andrew Choi's routines only read 
the pretty restricted Mac Roman (+ Mac Chinese, Mac Japanese, Mac 
Korean) map of a font (since Unicode's not that Macish, just remember 
the many language kits patches), while TrueType fonts usually have an 
extremely rich MS-Unicode map of a few thousand glyphs, some have an 
extra 'pure' Unicode map (to be more exact: the CMAP property of a TT 
font can have several 'sub-fonts' built from a big reservoir in it in a 
specific encoding, proper specs are the platformName/platformID 
{Unicode/0 | Macintosh/1 | Microsoft/3}, scriptName/scriptID {Roman/0 | 
Unicode/1 | Unicode/3 | SurroGATES/10}, no sorrow Gates!, encodingID 
and the format, in which this is written into the font). The X11 
interface can make use of this wealth, the Cocoa interface too.



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