[OS X TeX] Swapfiles [WAS: OT: effective Macintosh Trojan ...]

Aldo Manfroi amanfroi at mac.com
Fri May 6 03:29:59 CEST 2005

I have to agree with David.
I have not done any scientific test, but I have never seen the number  
of swapfiles decrease without a reboot. The way I notice this is on  
my iBook, where HD space is tight. When many swapfiles are created,  
the HD free space gets very low. I then quit all applications and  
wait to see if the free HD space ever increases. It does not, and I  
then prefer to reboot.


On May 5, 2005, at 20:18, david craig wrote:

>> OS X will create those swapfiles and number them consecutively.  
>> When the load average goes down again over an extended period of  
>> time, it will delete them again.
> I have never EVER observed OS X to delete swapfiles.  I notice them  
> because even with 1 GB of RAM, applications like Graphic Converter,  
> Retrospect, and Maple will often cause the OS to spawn four or five  
> swapfiles, which leads to noticeable system slowdoans and some  
> interesting Finder bugs.  Noticing that these refuse to go away,  
> I've even experimented by quitting every application I can and  
> leaving the machine be, once for as long as an entire weekend --  
> the swapfiles were still there.  Because they bug me so much I've  
> been keeping an close eye on system swapfile management for many  
> months now, and not once in all that time has the number of  
> swapfiles on my system gone down short of a reboot.  YMMV.
> David Craig
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