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Le 20 juin 05 à 23:26, Oliver Hardt a écrit :

> do you mean that even if i save the file as UNIX in alpha, it still  
> is in MacRoman and not UTF-8?

You're mixing up two things here:

- Unix vs Mac vs Windows refers to the character used as line ending:  
LF (line feed) on Unix, CR (carriage return) on Mac OS and CRLF on  
Windows. Most Mac OS X applications are able to recognize and deal  
with all three types of line endings transparently, but some don't.  
Often that's the case with command-line utilities ported from Unix.  
Most of the components of Gerben Wierda's TeX have been modified to  
work with any type of line ending IIRC, but some don't; that may be  
the case of BibTeX.

- Mac OS Roman vs Windows Latin 1 vs Iso Latin 1 vs UTF-8 refers to  
the encoding: the position of non-ASCII characters (like é à ü ç  
etc.) within the font. Mac OS Roman is the usual choice on Mac OS,  
Windows Latin 1 on Windows, Iso Latin 1 on Unix. Again, on Mac OS X  
most applications (like TextEdit) are able to deal with the three.  
But LaTeX needs to be notified (with the inputenc package) of which  
encoding your input .tex file is using (see /Library/teTeX/share/ 

     \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc} for Mac OS Roman
     \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} for Iso Latin 1
     \usepackage[ansinew]{inputenc} for Windows Latin 1

Mac OS Roman is the natural choice on Mac OS, though Iso Latin 1 may  
be better for portability. I would recommend against UTF-8, unless  
you're using XeTeX.

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