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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jun 17 11:36:26 CEST 2005

Am 16.06.2005 um 23:24 schrieb Werenfried Spit:

> I did try to adat BIBINPUTS and BSTINPUTS. It especially puzzles me 
> that bibtex (7bit) is
> capable of finding all bst-files I have, and bibtex8 can find none. 
> Maybe bibtex8 uses
> a different texmf.cnf file?

Not likely ...


I 'looked' with strings into bibtex and bibtex8. Both know of 
texmf.cnf, refer to quite the same TEX environment variables and use 
libkpathsea. They should work alike.

In bibtex8 I found these lines

	Warning: cannot open CS file: empty --csfile value specified.
	c8read_csf: trying to open CS file `%s' ...
	Error: cannot open CS file: %s
	The 8-bit codepage and sorting file: %s

So you should receive either warnings in Terminal or in TeXShop's 
console, at least they should be recorded in the log.file (I am no 
bibtex or bibtex8 user, so I have to guess a bit).

The error is somewhere else: it's in libkpathsea! To check it, run in 
Terminal for example

	kpsewhich -progname=bibtex8 <some of your BST file name>

You'll get the complete absolute path name listed. The same with a 
system CSF file does not work -- no answer! 'kpsewhich --help' *does 
not* mention .csf files, which could be a bug. 'kpsewhich 
-show-path=.csf' therefore returns "warning: kpsewhich: Ignoring 
unknown file type `.csf'."

So that's the proof that it won't work! As a work-around you could 
create symlinks from your CSF files to the directory that helds the 
other TeX files:

	cd <to this directory of TeX sources>
	ln -s <the path to the CSF file>
	... as many ln commands as you need ...

(you can add `.´ to the end of the ln command line, but it's not 
needed). The other way is to pass the whole path name of the CSF file 
to bibtex8:

	bibtex8 --help

	bibtex8 -c FILE
	bibtex8 --csfile FILE

Well, you too could write a letter to Karl Berry, 
mailto:tex-k at mail.tug.org, asking him for the reason libkpathsea is not 
supporting CSF files ...



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