[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.0

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Thu Jun 2 07:20:05 CEST 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce the release of  
BibDesk 1.0, available now at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.   
We've been on the verge of releasing 1.0 for about a year now, so  
it's about time.  Rather than throw in a lot of exclamation points  
about how exciting!!! this is, we've provided our standard list of  
bugs fixed, which even includes some reruns from the last release  
that weren't quite fixed.

We think we've fixed the top crashing bugs since 1.0RC2, so BibDesk  
should be reasonably bug-free by now.  In the event that you discover  
a new bug, please file a report at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423> so that we can track the problem.  Thanks  
to all of you who have submitted bug reports and other feedback,  
which have greatly improved this program!

Bugs fixed since 1.0RC2

   •  "About the Scripts Menu" AppleScript now really works on  
Panther and Tiger
   •  Saving in response to closing/quitting with unsaved changes  
wasn't really fixed in RC2, but now it is
   •  Dates with a month are no longer displayed as "?b ?Y"
   •  Crash when adjusting column widths should be fixed
   •  All source files now have a BSD license associated with them
   •  Sending references via e-mail should work again (bug #1206867),  
and now sends BibTeX along with the file(s) using your default e-mail  
   •  Paging through the reference list with the spacebar now works  
if the preview pane doesn't need to scroll (bug #1207177)
   •  Publication list selection can now be extended using shift 
+arrow keys (bug #1207912)
   •  Undoing a field addition in the editor could lead to a hang  
under some conditions, and date modified was not always reset  
properly after undo (bug #1208038)
   •  Changes to the cite key will now be immediately visible in the  
publications list (bug #1207909)
   •  Selected row is now always visible when spacebar paging through  
the publications list
   •  Macro definitions are now deTeXified, so accented characters  
should not be lost (bug #1209013)
   •  Macro keys are now lowercased, and checked for duplicates (bug  
   •  Export as RSS works again (bug #1209378)
   •  We now ask for confirmation if prefs are set to open editor  
windows for new publications and you add more than 6 items at once  
(RFE #1209824)
   •  Creation date is now set for pasted/dragged items
   •  The TeX preview is now updated properly when showing the  
window, so you no longer have to play with the selection (bug #1210134)
   •  New formatter used for type names, so they are lowercase  
instead of titlecase
   •  AutoFile now replaces "/" with "-" in generated strings; this  
is optional for %f and %k; see online help for details (bug #1212129)
   •  Saving while text is selected in an editor window will no  
longer lose the selection
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