[OS X TeX] Hevea

Aaron Jackson jackson at msrce.howard.edu
Fri Feb 18 16:39:06 CET 2005

On Feb 18, 2005, at 10:27 AM, Alan Munn wrote:

> At 7:17 PM -0700 2/17/05, Dr.John R.Vokey wrote:
>> What box?  There is no OS X binary!  If ``out of the box'' means, 
>> once you create the make file and do all that finicky unix stuff, and 
>> finally get a binary in the right directory, then figure out the 
>> cmd-line call, then ``it works''; well, that is hardly ``out of the 
>> box'', IMHO.
>> On 17-Feb-05, at 6:00 PM, TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List wrote:
>>> I have had much better results than either of these two packages with
>>> hevea http://pauillac.inria.fr/~maranget/hevea/  which works well
>>> straight out of the box.
>>> Alan
> I hesitate to respond to this, having just joined the list, and not 
> wanting to begin a flame war.  I guess I didn't quite realise that 
> 'out of the box' might not always be interpreted in a relative way as 
> I used it.  So yes, hevea is not a Cocoa application, but it does work 
> well in that I can produce a LaTeX document and with a single command 
> create pretty reasonable HTML.  Also, my suggestion was made in the 
> context of two other non-GUI apps (latex2html and tex4ht).
> Since installing a package like hevea is not much different than 
> installing a LaTeX package from CTAN, I assumed that people on this 
> list would not object to the suggestion. In particular, (as another 
> poster noted) there is an OS X binary download and the 'finicky unix' 
> stuff is simply two copy commands.
> Anyway, sorry if I misled anyone.

Don't worry about it.  This is a fairly friendly list (I have belonged 
to some that were just flame-fests).  The problem is there are people 
here that have varying unix experience, so one man's OOTB is another 
man's nightmare.  Also, we are all spoiled by GW's excellent TeX 
distribution,  so it's rare anybody needs to install anything from 


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