[OS X TeX] I do like ps4pdf questions

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Feb 11 05:37:27 CET 2005

I have a couple questions about ps4pdf.

First is one of more general interest.  To run ps4pdf I've replace my 
old perl script I ran in Terminal with the helpful script written by 
Herb Schulz.  But creating the pics file for ps4pdf clobbers my .aux 
files, which means I need to run pdflatex twice to get my citations, 
equation numbers, etc. back. So I modified his script to save the .aux 
file and use it again for the first pdflatex run. Of course, changing 
pics can change page numbering, etc., so there may be some errors. But 
in general, since I just want to see what the modified pics look like 
without working on a document full of question marks or waiting for a 
second pdflatex run, so this seems to work for me. But perhaps someone 
more expert than I am might know reasons *not* to do this:

location=$(dirname "$1")
basefname="${location}/`basename "$1" .tex`"
#save aux file
/bin/cp "${basefname}.aux" "${basefname}.auxcopy"
# process the figures
latex --shell-escape "$1"
dvips -Ppdf -o "${basefname}-pics.ps" "${basefname}.dvi"
ps2pdf13 "${basefname}-pics.ps" "${basefname}-pics.pdf"
#use original aux file, clean up
/bin/cp "${basefname}.auxcopy" "${basefname}.aux"
/bin/rm "${basefname}-pics.ps" "${basefname}.dvi" "${basefname}.auxcopy"
#process the file
pdflatex --shell-escape "$1"

Second, and this is a request for help, I've been having problems with 
ps4pdf rotating the entire figure when I've only (as far as I know) 
instructed it to rotate elements within the diagram. Specifically, when 
I run the following under TeX+Ghostscript, everything works fine:

\xymatrix@!=0mm at R-=7mm at C-=5mm@*[c]{
*[right]{||||} &&&*[right]{||||}&&&*[right]{||||}&\\

But if I run it within ps4pdf, the entire figure is rotated.

\xymatrix@!=0mm at R-=7mm at C-=5mm@*[c]{
*[right]{||||} &&&*[right]{||||}&&&*[right]{||||}&\\

Can anyone explain this?

(The diagrams are ancient Chinese mathematics).

Thanks very much,



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