[OS X TeX] I do like ps4pdf

Michael Hoppe mh at michael-hoppe.de
Wed Feb 9 21:45:26 CET 2005

>  I assume you customized the %&latex processing for ps4pdf processing?

Err, you must have latex run to process ps4pdf ...

>  That
>  certainly doesn't look like a normal %&latex run.


>  Can you give me an example of the problem?

No, because I don't have any problem at all any more.  I've tried 
several solution to my problems.  My first problem *was* (it's solved 
now) to get character protrusion to work together with pstricks. 
That could be done by altpdflatex without any pdftricks or ps4pdf. 
Next problem occurred after introducing font-expansion: I must have 
it!  Font expansion doesn't work with altpdflatex, so I've tried 
several different solution to get them three: protrusion, expansion 
and pstricks in one bag, and the easiest (at least for me) was ps4pdf.

>  Send it to me off-list and I'll
>  take a look at it.

Thanks for your help, but litterally I don't have the faintest 
problem with the cited subjects at all.

>  The microtype package certainly shouldn't be active in the pics

Hmm, how should I disable them in the pics whereas microtype is 
enabled globally?  Anyway, microtype doesn't do any harm to the pics.

>  since those
>  features are disabled when pdfetex is in dvi mode.

I see.  Thanks again for your help,

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