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Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Wed Aug 24 22:18:47 CEST 2005

So far (in comma separated list):

System,OS Version,real,user,sys,user+sys,Usage,"Name, remarks",
2.0GHz Dual G5 Powermac,"10.3.9 ",8.54,5.15,2.77,7.92,93%, (Jean- 
2.7GHz Dual G5 Powermac,10.4.2,12.65,8.95,3.14,12.09,96%, (Christian),
2.5Ghz G5 Powewrmac,"10.4.2     ",12.78,9.26,3.23,12.49,98%, (Claus),
800MHz G4 Powermac ,10.3.9,13.81,9.24,3.64,12.88,93%, (Jean-Christophe),
1.67GHz G4 Powerbook ,10.3.9,20.09,12.10,4.05,16.15,80%, (Stephan),
1.5Ghz G4 powerbook ,10.4.2,24.31,11.87,4.65,16.52,68%, (Jean- 
2.0Ghz Dual G5 PowerMac ,10.4.2,17.03,13.08,3.88,16.96,100%, (Ralph),
2.0GHz G5 iMac ,10.4.2,21.85,13.93,5.43,19.36,89%, (Jan),
1.25GHz Dual G5 Powermac,10.4.2,22.05,16.48,4.89,21.37,97%,  
(Bernhard, FW800)
800MHz G4 iBook,10.3.9,23.92,15.29,6.67,21.96,92%, (Alexander),
1.3GHz G4 Powerbook ,"10.4.2    ",28.58,17.99,5.24,23.23,81%, (Stephen),
1.5Ghz G4 PowerBook,"10.4.2     ",27.58,18.57,4.90,23.47,85%, (Ralph),
1.2GHz G4 iBook ,10.4.2,26.32,19.06,5.81,24.87,94%, (Gerben),
1.25Ghz G4 PowerBook,"10.4.2    ",27.53,20.86,5.61,26.47,96%, (Vince),
1.25GHz G4 Powerbook ,"10.4.2   ",53.53,21.50,6.87,28.37,53%, (Vince)
867MHz G4 Powermac ,"10.4.2     ",48.74,24.72,6.56,31.28,64%, (Andre)
1.0GHz G4 PowerBook ,"10.4.2    ",37.69,26.24,5.07,31.31,83%, (Bruno)
500MHz G4 Cube ,10.3.9 Server,39.66,24.06,7.28,31.34,79%, (Gerben)
667MHz G4 Powerbook ,10.4.2,45.28,28.38,6.24,34.62,76%, (Arno)
1.0GHz G4 Powerbook,"10.4.2     ",38.96,28.08,7.14,35.22,90%, (John)
800MHz G4 eMac ,"10.4.2 ",46.30,27.45,11.02,38.47,83%, (Norm)
600 MHz iBook ,"10.3.9  ",67.71,53.52,11.93,65.45,97%, (Thorsten)
400MHz G4 Powermac ,10.4.2,70.79,57.22,9.26,66.48,94%, (Bruno)
500MHz Ti powerbook ,10.3.9,72.55,57.76,12.70,70.46,97%, (Aaron)

Usage is percentage of real that makes up user+sys. There a few weird  

Two things should be excluded: language.dat differences and the  
personal texmf tree (which is searched slowly)

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