[OS X TeX] Prosper with pdftex?

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Aug 17 17:34:13 CEST 2005

>Is there any simple way of using the prosper class for slides with pdftex?

Prosper is is written on top of the seminar class by Timothy Van 
Zandt. Since he has posted to this list, he would be the best to 
respond. Failing that, you might try what I tried, albeit with 
seminar. I had problems with seminar after switching to pdfLaTeX. 
Here are some excerpts from my post to this list on 15/06/05. Maybe 
some of the patches will work with prosper. You might like to try the 
fixseminar.sty as well.

	Peter Vamos

My files in document class 'seminar' are in landscape mode. These 
would typeset OK but not preview and print properly with PdfLaTeX, 
all content are pushed up and to the left, the same effect described 
by someone here trying to use \magnification in PdfTeX. Tried 
typesetting with 'TeX and Ghostscript' and and it worked.

[If pdfLaTeX is still preferred...] Searching the internet resulted 
in a work-around, one needs to add a few lines of code, enclosed at 
the end of this message. There is also a package 'fixseminar.sty' but 
this didn't work for me, maybe this only works as part of the 
TeXPower package.
To use landscape mode in seminar with PdfLaTeX put the following code 
in your preamble and all will be OK. Thanks to the pdftex
mailing list on de.comp.text.tex and to Christian Schlauer who posted it.

%%%%%%% modification to work with PdfLaTex %%%%%
\pdffalse % we are not running PDFLaTeX
\pdfoutput=1 % we are running PDFLaTeX
\ifpdf % set correct page sizes for pdfTeX
\AtBeginDocument % makes the settings hyperref-proof
   \setlength{\pdfhorigin}{1truein} % define page origin
   \setlength{\pdfvorigin}{1truein} % define page origin
   % class option portrait set?
   {% then page dimensions portrait
     \setlength{\pdfpagewidth}{\strip at pt\paperwidth truept}%
     \setlength{\pdfpageheight}{\strip at pt\paperheight truept}%
   {% else landscape
     \setlength{\pdfpagewidth}{\strip at pt\paperheight truept}%
     \setlength{\pdfpageheight}{\strip at pt\paperwidth truept}%
%%%%%%%  end modification to work with PdfLaTex %%%%%
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