[OS X TeX] Rotated Figures Again.

Johan Almqvist johan at almqvist.net
Tue Aug 16 10:40:16 CEST 2005

On Aug 16, 2005, at 00:04, Bruno Voisin wrote:
> Le 15 août 05 à 23:10, Peter Dyballa a écrit :
>> Am 15.08.2005 um 21:59 schrieb Herbert Schulz:
>>> Is there a way to have altpdftex (called when tex+ghostscript is  
>>> invoked) pass that option to ps2pdf13? I'd like to give this  
>>> person a solution to his problem.
>> Yes, there is! At least in the version I am using. For me altpdf 
>> (la)tex is a symlink to simpdftex, version 2.18.
>> The argument would be: ``--distiller "pdf2pdf13 -dAutoRotatePages=/ 
>> None"´´ -- but: the script then uses the string 'pdf2pdf13 - 
>> dAutoRotatePages=/None' as programme name, and so it fails.
> I had been trying to use in Terminal, in bash:
>     GS_OPTIONS="-dAutoRotatePages=/None"
>     export GS_OPTIONS
> but that seems to only affect the current Terminal window, not all  
> processes. I was considering modifying /usr/local/bin/ps2pdfwr  
> permanently, but your solution is much cleverer and much cleaner.

That's correct, it's only for the current terminal/session and all  
its children.

If you want to avoid the script or the global environment setting  
below, remember that you can set environment variables from the  
command line by just prepending the first part on the same line,  
skipping the export/setenv part.

     GS_OPTIONS="-dAutoRotatePages=/None" altpdftex --distiller  

will set the GS_OPTIONS for _this_ invocation of altpdftex and all  
its children (pdf2pdf13).

> I'm wondering now: if the above lines
>     GS_OPTIONS="-dAutoRotatePages=/None"
>     export GS_OPTIONS
> were added in ~/.profile, would they affect (after starting a new  
> session) all gs processes, including those launched from TeXShop  
> via the altpdftex script? I guess not, TexShop defines its own  
> environment variables for the subprocesses it launches, as in / 
> Applications/TeXShop.app/Contents/Resources/altpdflatexc.bxx, isn't  
> it?

Not sure about profile, but I assume TeXShop does use a shell to  
execute it commands, so if that's (for example) bash, putting it  
in .bashrc should to the trick (I am not sure if .profile is for all  
shells or just for login shells, .bashrc is for all shells in any case).

Johan Almqvist
johan at almqvist.net

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