[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.4.0 released

Pierre Chatelier pierre.chatelier at club-internet.fr
Mon Aug 15 12:22:51 CEST 2005


> I think there is a bug in your code! (maybe more)
There may be bugs, but the code you point out is correct :-)
The awk script I use to compute the BBox works well. Not better than  
yours, but it works.

Xelatex is the culprit for the bounding box problem.

Let's forget LaTeXiT and consider the following document: it  
generates a tight pdf when processed with pdflatex. If you process it  
with xelatex, you'll get a full page PDF document : no tight bbox.

> \documentclass[10pt]{article}
> \usepackage{color}\color[rgb]{0.000,0.000,0.000} %pour la couleur
> \usepackage{amssymb} %maths
> \usepackage{amsmath} %maths
> \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} %utile pour taper directement les  
> caractères accentués
> \pagestyle{empty}
> \usepackage{geometry}
> \usepackage{graphicx}
> \newsavebox{\latexitbox}
> \newcommand{\latexitscalefactor}{3.600000}
> \newlength{\latexitwidth}
> \newlength{\latexitheight}
> \newlength{\latexitdepth}
> \setlength{\topskip}{0pt}
> \setlength{\parindent}{0pt}
> \setlength{\abovedisplayskip}{0pt}
> \setlength{\belowdisplayskip}{0pt}
> \normalfont
> \begin{lrbox}{\latexitbox}
> $\displaystyle toto$
> \end{lrbox}
> \settowidth{\latexitwidth}{\scalebox{\latexitscalefactor}{\usebox 
> {\latexitbox}}}
> \settoheight{\latexitheight}{\scalebox{\latexitscalefactor}{\usebox 
> {\latexitbox}}}
> \settodepth{\latexitdepth}{\scalebox{\latexitscalefactor}{\usebox 
> {\latexitbox}}}
> \newwrite\foo \immediate\openout\foo=\jobname.sizes \immediate\write 
> \foo{\the\latexitdepth (Depth)}
> \immediate\write\foo{\the\latexitheight (Height)}
> \addtolength{\latexitheight}{\latexitdepth}
> \addtolength{\latexitheight}{0.720000 pt}
> \addtolength{\latexitheight}{0.000000 pt}
> \addtolength{\latexitwidth}{0.000000 pt}
> \immediate\write\foo{\the\latexitheight (TotalHeight)} \immediate 
> \write\foo{\the\latexitwidth (Width)}
> \closeout\foo \geometry{paperwidth=\latexitwidth,paperheight= 
> \latexitheight,margin=0pt,left=0.000000 pt,top=0.000000 pt}
> \begin{document}\scalebox{\latexitscalefactor}{\usebox{\latexitbox}} 
> \end{document}

However, if I try to compute the BBox of this document with gs, it  
seems that gs is smart enough to compute a good one. So, it seems  
that there is a dysfunctionality in xelatex regarding the bbox that  
it indicates when writing the pdf file.



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