[OS X TeX] Re: Version control of documents in TeXShop

Andrew Kurtz andrew at kurtz.ws
Fri Aug 12 05:01:33 CEST 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I've used iTeXMac before, but have run into issues with it so I prefer 
TeXShop.  I downloaded the latest version and after a quick look did not see 
any version control support.

I did not know that TexShop could create a backup file since the option is 
not in the preferences GUI.  I found that it was a hidden feature by 
searching the help.  I think having hidden features are bad ideas.  But, now 
that I have it turned on it should be helpful.

In response to questions of why I would want such a feature...  I worry 
about accidentally deleting something and not noticing it before I save (a 
backup will help with that).  I also would like to be able to retrieve old 
versions for situations where I change something and then my committee 
changes their mind and wants the old version back (or I just change my mind 
later).  For a document that I'm spending 6-8 months writing it would be 
nice to be able to see the changes over time.  (If you haven't guessed by 
now, I'm a PhD student).

I could maintain manual versions, but I was hoping for a more automated way 
of doing it.  As I was writing this I had the idea of creating a folder 
action so when the file is saved a copy it placed somewhere else.  That 
would end up creating a lot of files, but it would maintain an accurate 
trail of changes and would be completely automated.  The idea of doing 
manual CVS (or Subversion) is also a good idea.


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