[OS X TeX] $MANPATH (again??)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Aug 11 19:14:38 CEST 2005

Le 11 août 05 à 17:16, Gerben Wierda a écrit :

> My manpath config file contains
> MANPATH /usr/local/share/man
> MANPATH /usr/local/man
> as well as
> MANPATH_MAP     /usr/local/bin          /usr/local/share/man
> and as a result finds all man pages both in /usr/local/man and /usr/ 
> local/share/man
> Did I change my manpath config a while back of is this standard.  
> Because if it is, the symlink is not needed.

I must admit I don't fully understand how things work (in Tiger). I  
didn't customize anything (only Tiger + i-Packages). I don't have any  
MANPATH set ("echo $MANPATH" in Terminal returns a blank line). PATH  
is the default, modified by the GS and TeX i-Packages:

     legimc11:~ brunovoisin$ echo $PATH

In /usr/share.misc.conf, there is:

     MANPATH /usr/share/man
     MANPATH /usr/local/share/man
     MANPATH /usr/X11R6/man

then later:

     MANPATH_MAP /bin            /usr/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /sbin           /usr/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/bin        /usr/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/sbin       /usr/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/local/bin  /usr/local/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/local/sbin /usr/local/share/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/X11R6/bin  /usr/X11R6/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/bin/X11    /usr/X11R6/man
     MANPATH_MAP /usr/bin/mh     /usr/share/man

and finally, as added when installing the TeX i-Package:

     MANPATH_MAP /usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current / 

But now, in Terminal, here's what I get:

     legimc11:~ brunovoisin$ manpath

Namely /usr/local/share/man, which according to man.conf should be  
there, is missing. Is this because this directory doesn't exist  
(there /usr/local/share/, but no man/ inside)?

If man.conf is edited manually, by adding the line:

     MANPATH /usr/local/man

then the path is indeed modified:

     legimc11:~ brunovoisin$ manpath

and "man convert" works as expected.

But I would have believed the modification wasn't necessary: if we  
are to believe what the comments in man.conf say:

     # If people ask for "man foo" and have "/dir/bin/foo" in their PATH
     # and the docs are found in "/dir/man", then no mapping is  

then, provided a binary program is in /usr/local/bin/, a man page  
inside /usr/local/man/ should be found automatically (I verified the  
NOAUTOPATH flag is indeed commented out in man.conf). Which should  
apply, in particular, to "convert".

Is there something broken, or did I just misunderstood?

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