[OS X TeX] xetex i-installer

Jack Kuipers kprs at calvin.edu
Mon Sep 20 23:41:40 CEST 2004

I'm mystified about what I should do at this point --- even though is 
seems clear --- I should continue on my reasonably comfortable path 
(using TeXShop.v1.34); many thanks to the patient and very helpful, 
Dick Koch (I still owe him a Qbook!), etal, on my interminable problem 
re: 'inclusion-of-my-nonEPS-graphics' in TeXShop.

Long ago I  became a 'Mac-person.'  I wrote a primer book on 
Quaternions and Rotation Sequences  ...with Appl'ns ... , using 
TeXTures on Mac OS(6?thru.,9) and   furnished all 400 pages 
(camera-ready) to Princeton UP for publication --- which they did in 
1999. It is currently in its 5th printing --- which I am 
so-very-happy-to-report ---  even overwhelmed.  It has tons of pictures 
(drawn by me) and lots of mathematics (written by me), all in TeXTures, 
and finally (if I do say so myself) it has a very attractive readable 
layout (again, of course, in my view). in TeXtures.

BUT THEN, Mac OSX came along and, as Mac-folks are wont-to-do, I got 
myself lulled into the new OSX system, and I liked it; and (although 
OS9 is available) I want to get all my TeXtures LaTeX documents working 
in TeXShop so, 'God Helping Me,' I hope to offer (as an octogenarian) 
some sought-after extensions-to-quaternions in response to readers and 
their queries.

I have upgraded to TeXShop 1.35e (confident that Koch, etal, certainly 
know what they are doing).  And all, to this point, seems to work fine. 
I'm a bit skittish, however, about digging deeper into the i-things'  
you more learned-folk discuss with great confidence --- even though I 
want to make my changing to TeXShop easier.

I'll stick with TeXShop 1.35e which is working for me and I'll somehow 
work through getting the OS9-stuff properly into OSX and TeXShop.

I offer this merely as a State-of-Being in TeXShop. I expect no 
response --- except from those who've been-there, done-that, and wish 
to comfort me --- the forelorn but happy TeXShop user.

On 17 Sep, 2004, at 4:21 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 17 Sep 2004, at 8:11 pm, Scott Murman wrote:
>>>> trying to get xetex installed through i-installer.  not getting any
>>>> response when trying to find the package.  user error or missing 
>>>> link?
>>> open i-Installer, select "New from URL" in the File menu (cmd-N), and
>>> paste
>>>      http://scripts.sil.org/pub/packages/xetex.ii2
>>> in the dialog.
>>> Maarten
>> tried that and still get no response.  finally tried downloading the
>> xetex dmg directly,
>> but that didn't install correctly either (can't find the fmt files).
> I'm mystified as to why i-Installer isn't working for you. I checked 
> when I saw the initial posting, and again just now, and it seems to be 
> responding fine. If you run i-Installer and go to the "Known Packages 
> i-Directory", you should see "Jonathan Kew's i-Directory" in the 
> left-hand list. Double-click it (or select and click Use), and you 
> should get the list of packages available there (just one, at 
> present).
> On the other hand, if you were able to download the Apple Installer 
> package (on the .dmg), and that installer failed, then the i-Package 
> might well also fail at the configuration stage. To try and identify 
> the problem, you can ask the Installer to "Show Log" (see the File 
> menu), select "Show Everything" from the popup, and see the progress 
> of the installation attempt. If it's failing to build the .xfmt files, 
> there will be error messages of some kind there.
> HTH,
> Jonathan
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