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Kyle Johnson kbj at linguist.umass.edu
Fri Sep 10 15:11:56 CEST 2004

I also switched from Endnote to Bookends a couple years ago when I 
started using LaTeX. The author is indeed very responsive to 
suggestions, and has already gone a ways in making it useful for LaTeX 
users. I'm sure he would respond to the need for additional fields, 
mentioned in an earlier post. It's got a simple, and fast, interface 
that I like -- I prefer it to Bibdesk for its speed. I maintain by 
3000+ references in Bookends and then periodically run its built-in 
utility for generating a .bib file. When I want to cite something in a 
document I'm writing, I switch over to Bookends, search for it, push a 
button and it automatically inserts the \cite tag in the source 


On Sep 10, 2004, at 3:07 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> Hi,
> Le Vendredi, 10 sept 2004, à 02:00 Europe/Paris, TeX on Mac OS X 
> Mailing List a écrit :
>> Simon Spiegel wrote:
>>> I just stumbled across this yesterday and it looks quite interesting.
>>> Sente ( 
>>> http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/index.cgi?page=introduction
>>> ) is an app for retrieiving all kind of online bibliographic data. It
>>> can access Pubmed, LoC, z39.50 servers and probably. You can create
>>> quite elaborate filters and it automatically updates your searches. 
>>> It
>>> exports to BibTeX and EndNote. Unfortunately it's not free.
>> Its a nice app. I'm thinking of buying it after some encouraging 
>> exchanges with the developer. Exporting BibTeX to BibDesk is a bit 
>> clunky (goes via an intermediate text file), but it works. Adding (in 
>> the case of Sente) and improving (in the case of BibDesk) AppleScript 
>> support could vastly improve the utility of both apps.
>> BTW is anyone using Bookends and ReferenceMiner ? If so, any gotchas 
>> wrt BibTeX ?
>> mark.
> About 8 months ago I switched from EndNote to Bookends because EndNote 
> was becoming to Windows centric in my view. I cannot comment much on 
> Bookends usefulness to the TeX world because I am very much a beginner 
> to TeX. But I think the idea is to use Bookends with your LaTeX 
> documents just as you would use it (or EndNote) with a Word or rtf 
> document: you use its method of inserting citations, and it will 
> produce a copy of your document with the inline citations inserted and 
> a bibliography at the end. It can also accept TeX style citations 
> (\cite or whatever you decide, but only one is possible in a given 
> document) instead of its own, but in the present version you would 
> lose the ability to have the citations formatted inside or outside 
> parenthesis if you don't stick to its own citation mechanism, at the 
> cost of portability. The author is very responsive though, and in a 
> next revision will allow the use of 2 citations strings of your 
> choice, for instance \citep and \citet, to fulfill that need. But my 
> understanding is that it will not produce a file containing your 
> citations that can be further manipulated with BibTex etc. This could 
> be good for a beginner as it is much easier to define a new 
> bibliography formatting style in Bookends than in programming. You can 
> also take advantage of Bookends list of Journals and their 
> abbreviations to switch from full journal titles to abbreviations 
> according to you needs. I think you use macros to do this in TeX, but 
> I have not reached this level of TeX-maturity yet.
> I did not have time to experiment much and these conclusions could be 
> due to my ignorance.  Again the author is very open to suggestions.
> Denis Chabot
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