[OS X TeX] Emacs Local Variables (was: TeXShop's %& ugly bug)

Patrick Gundlach pg at levana.de
Fri Sep 10 13:06:12 CEST 2004

>From emacs.info:


   A "local variables list" goes near the end of the file, in the last
page.  (It is often best to put it on a page by itself.)  The local
variables list starts with a line containing the string `Local
Variables:', and ends with a line containing the string `End:'.  In
between come the variable names and values, one set per line, as
`VARIABLE: VALUE'.  The VALUEs are not evaluated; they are used
literally.  If a file has both a local variables list and a `-*-' line,
Emacs processes _everything_ in the `-*-' line first, and _everything_
in the local variables list afterward.

   Here is an example of a local variables list:

     ;;; Local Variables: ***
     ;;; mode:lisp ***
     ;;; comment-column:0 ***
     ;;; comment-start: ";;; "  ***
     ;;; comment-end:"***" ***
     ;;; End: ***


   The start of the local variables list must be no more than 3000
characters from the end of the file, and must be in the last page if the
file is divided into pages.  Otherwise, Emacs will not notice it is
there.  The purpose of this rule is so that a stray `Local Variables:'
not in the last page does not confuse Emacs, and so that visiting a
long file that is all one page and has no local variables list need not
take the time to search the whole file.

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