[OS X TeX] TeXShop Report

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Fri Sep 3 18:25:04 CEST 2004

A /very small/ thing:

Half the time, TeXshop ignores my pref that it should remember the 
position of the source and of the pdf. I haven't had the time to pin 
down when.

Do you think it is me or 1.34a? (No cutting edge for me anymore.)


P. S.
Re. my 8/31/04 12:17 AM and your 8/31/04 12:51 AM, I have yet to try it 
on the terminal/use Gerhardt's 8/31/04 12:28 PM. But I will, I will, 
Real Soon Now.

P. P. S.
I could see that Voisin was annoyed, but this LaTeX-challenged is not at 
all. (Maybe because I have an enormous capacity for ignoring what I am 
afraid of.)

I am grateful to you ... and to him as he was one of those who helped me 
overcome my initial exasperation/despair.

Richard Koch wrote:

> Folks,
> I apologize for the flurry of TeXShop messages; over labor day I'll 
> work hard to eliminate
> bugs so we can get back to the main purpose of the list. Maybe a brief 
> progress report will
> be helpful.
> Bruno Voisin tried to return to the old Find panel and couldn't. It 
> turns out that this
> preference only works in English, for mysterious reasons. The problem is
> now fixed here and will be in version 1.35c when I put it on the web.
> Several people reported that they could not convert eps files to pdf 
> format when the names
> of folders in the path leading to the eps file contained spaces. This 
> is fixed and will
> be in 1.35c. TeXShop converts dvi, ps, and eps files to pdf; in 1.35c 
> the path leading
> to any of these can contain a space, and the folder containing the 
> file can be
> read only.
> Several folks have reported pdfsync problems. These are difficult to 
> debug without
> an example because, of course, my examples here work when I release 
> the program.
> Last night Themis Matsoukas and Jean-Claude DE SOZA sent helpful examples
> which disclosed bugs in the source -> preview synching. I have most 
> fixed now
> and recommend waiting until 1.35c to report further problems.
> Finally, Bruno Voisin wrote about the increasing complexity of the 
> program and difficulty
> installing upgrades. Both concern me. This is really two issues:
> a) Increasing complexity and redundancy: This is a matter for 1.36, 
> not the bug
> fixes in 1.35x. One area of complexity is the Macro menu. Our original
> intent was that users would construct their own macros using the 
> default macros as
> examples, and then eliminate the defaults. Quite naturally, instead 
> most users think of the
> defaults as part of the program. One possible solution is to simplify 
> the default menu
> to a few items, and then provide easy access to the full set of 
> examples in the Macro
> Editor. Other suggestions are welcome.
> The new "User Defined Typesetting Engines" makes the "Personal Script" 
> feature
> redundant. I decided not to remove it in 1.35 until the new feature 
> was thoroughly
> tested.
> b) Installation: Bruno pointed out that the TeXShop Folder's role is 
> unclear. I
> usually tell users that they can throw this folder away. Next week I 
> may experiment
> with providing it as an optional download (translation: only 1% of 
> users notice it)
> and making texshop.dmg contain only the program.
> Aside from this, installation may require changing ~/Library/texmf and
> ~/Library/TeXShop. Several people are applying pressure to have these 
> steps
> done by an installer. I'm listening. Here are my doubts:
> Both ~/Library/texmf and ~/Library/TeXShop are for user modifications, 
> the first
> to teTeX and the second to TeXShop. As a user, I don't want anybody
> messing with my modifications --- certainly not an installer that I 
> don't completely understand.
> Upgrading ~/Library/texmf is a temporary matter until pdfsync is 
> stable and
> its authors and Gerben add it Gerben's teTeX distribution. Old user 
> entries in
> ~/Library/TeXShop work fine with 1.35, so there isn't any urgent need 
> to upgrade.
> The (mild) problem is that TeXShop's default files for new users 
> changed in
> 1.35, and old users might like to know about that. But the 
> installation instructions
> on the current page make too big a deal about upgrading these entries.
> Here's an example. Until 1.35, TeXShop came with three short 
> templates. Members
> of TUG complained to me that these templates contained sloppy TeX code.
> Eventually Will Robertson wrote modern templates which are in 1.35. The
> question becomes "how should old users be notified of the change?" Those
> who wrote their own Templates won't want to do anything. Others may want
> to switch, and others may be satisfied with the original templates. It 
> isn't clear to me
> that an installer would be able to handle the
> various situations without asking questions which a naive user wouldn't
> know how to answer.
> Dick
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