[OS X TeX] Warning - Find broken in TexShop 1.35b, no undo

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Sep 3 00:40:19 CEST 2004

Given the new Find panel is far too complicated for my rather basic 
search needs, and I was quite happy with the former one, one of the 
first thing I did after installing TeXShop 1.35, and using Find for the 
first time, was go to the Prefs and check "Apple Panel" instead of 
"OgreKit Panel" in Prefs/Document/Search Panel (after Restart). Alas, 
that doesn't seem to be taken into account (in the French 
localization), I am still getting the new Find panel (after several 

Generally, I am finding TeXShop is getting more and more complicated to 
master, for example with macros all over the place (in the Macros menu, 
with AppleScripts -- are these Will's scripts? --, with Claus 
Gerhardt's macros, and also with several folders inside the TeXShop 
disk image distro). It is difficult to guess whether all these macros 
are complementary, or some of them redundant, or whether drop boxes are 
just an alternative way of accessing the same functions as in the 
macros menu, or something different. (Disclaimer: I'm certainly not 
objective on this issue, as I don't use macros myself.) The same 
applies to engines and personal scripts: being a XeTeX afficionado, I 
appreciate the new engine functionality a lot, but doesn't it make the 
less flexible personal script functionality redundant?

While I understand that the increasing complexity of TeXShop results 
from the desire to fit the various needs of a growing community of 
users, I must admit that I now regret the à-la-Textures 
"bare-bones-ness" of its original versions, which is what dragged me to 
it in the first place.

Similarly, I am getting more and more confused by TeXShop's 
installation procedure. The file IMPORTANT mentions dragging 
TeXShop.app into /Applications, but what to do with the other folders? 
For example, where to put TeXShop_Folder, why this name? I am putting 
mine in /Library/Documentation/TeXShop, as this looks mostly like 
documentation and examples. Similarly, there seem to be examples and 
templates at several different places in the distro, including in the 
folder ~/Library/TeXShop created at TeXShop's first launch, some of the 
templates dating back to the first versions of TeXShop while others are 
more recent ones from Will -- if I'm not mistaken.

In other words, I think that at this stage of TeXShop's evolution it 
would be nice to perform some cleanup in the distribution (and, 
perhaps, in the functionalities, prefs and menus of the application 
itself), and, even better, to release it as an Apple's Installer .pkg 
file taking care of automatically putting everything at the appropriate 
place and updating what needs to be updated.


Bruno Voisin
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