[OS X TeX] Warning - Find broken in TexShop 1.35b, no undo

Ralph Martin Ralph.Martin at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Sep 2 23:00:21 CEST 2004

On 2 Sep 2004, at 6:56 pm, Bob Kerstetter wrote:
> When you are using Regex Find, there is an option ... called "Delimit 
> by Whitespace". When this is checked the Find searches for each word 
> separately. So if you search for:
> blah whatever
> the search will find "blah" and "whatever" but not "blah whatever". 
> This is the same thing as searching for blah|whatever using regex. 
> This "Delimit by Whitespace" option works for the various search 
> syntaxes (ruby, perl....) and for "Simple Matching" (regex off)
> In your case, if you had "Delimit by Whitespace" enabled and regex 
> off, it would find "(" and replace it with "()" and ")" and replace it 
> with "()". So result would be "() ()" --- kind of a bummer.

This happened with TexShop 1.35b "out of the box".

It is most unfortunate that "Delimit by Whitespace" is on by default, 
or indeed that it applies when regex is off. That's not what I call 
intuitive or useful design...

> The regex panel is pretty cool.

Sure, regex can be very useful - when you specifically want it and turn 
it on!

> Undo does work, but you have to switch to the text window to activate 
> it.

As far as I could see at the time, the Undo menu item was NOT enabled. 
It's always the first thing I reach for when something unexpected 

Anyway, I do appreciate the new regex facility, modulo these 

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