[OS X TeX] New TeX i-Package released

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Sat Oct 23 00:42:56 CEST 2004

I have released a new TeX i-Package. This release marks a structural 
change for the TeX i-Package. Here are the highlights:

- The i-Package contains *two* complete TeX distributions. One is based 
on TeX Live 2003 and teTeX 2. The other is based on TeX Live 2004 and 
teTeX 3. This makes the complete i-Package 140MB, but as always, 
i-Installer only downloads what is needed based on your choices. The 
standard "Simple" install gets you a basic TeX based on TeX Live 2003 
and teTeX 2 and has a download size of around 34MB.

- Currently, TeX Live 2003 and teTeX 2 are still the default install, 
until the new setup has been proven in the real world. To get TeX Live 
2004 and teTeX 3, you need to select an "Expert Install". You will get 
a TeX Live 2004 based system before the rest of the world gets their 
hands on the full TeX Live 2004.

- The pdfTeX version is pdfeTeX 3.141592-1.20a-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.3)

- The TL2004 based install will automatically convert your texmf.local 
tree to a new layout which btw will also work with the TL2003 setup.

- Your ~/Library/texmf tree is not converted automatically, but after 
you have installed TL2004 you can do this in a terminal window:
--fixtexmftrees ~/Library/texmf

- Both the ConTeXt updater (Version 19 Oct 2004) and CM-Super have been 
updated as well (hence all my TeX-related stuff has been updated).

- Jonathan Kew's XeTeX distribution is still based on TL2003. This 
generally leads to few problems when using it in combination with 
TL2004. These are the kind of harmless things that you can see happen:
	- The xetex formats are generated during context-update configuration 
even when they are already available
	- The TeX i-Package will warn you it is removing XeTeX when you are 
installing, but some warning messages are still visible

- For the time being, the i-Package is only available through the Known 
Packages i-Directory from all i-Directories. There is no volume yet. A 
volume will become available when TeX Live 2004 becomes the default for 
the i-Package.

- Some package additions:
	beamer and pgf

- There is one major difference between TL2004 and TL2003 which may 
present a problem for a few users. WIth TL2004 the file pdftex.cfg has 
disappeared and with it the possibility to add map files just for 
pdftex (map files for all will still work). A workaround is the 
following type of addition to your .tex file:

Some notes:
	TL2004 is not finished and just now I have been informed there might 
be a few last minute fixes in remote areas (like aleph in combination 
with ConTeXt).


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