[OS X TeX] CGI TeX processing (addition)

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Tue Oct 19 18:00:47 CEST 2004

Hi Gerben,

Gerben Wierda wrote on 19.10.2004:
>I would like to sum up what in my eyes is the right solution here.
>0. Remove anything you tried to do with environment variables. You
>do *not* need to change those and changing them only makes the
>situation less stable. 1. Add what you want to add to the right
>subdirectories of
>2. Run in a terminal window
>sudo mktexlsr /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local
>(You need to run this every time after you have changed the contents
>3. Remove anything that you added to texmf.local from any
>~/Library/texmf 4. Remove (if it exists and unless you know why it
>should be there in your case, which is almost never)
>Now, check on the command line that it works. If so, it should work
>for *any* user, irrespectively of environment settings and such.

This brought me several steps further. Thanks! Now there's just a minor problem: The generation of my pdf fails because TeX does not find my aux file. This is what I do (in Perl):

system "/usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current/pdflatex", "/Users/jan/Desktop/briefe/brief.tex" or die "Cannot process file";

The file is processed, but

I can't write on file `brief.log'. 

So I touched the environment again (just for testing!)

$ENV{TEXMFOUTPUT} = "/Users/jan/Desktop/briefe";

Now the creation works until the pdf should be produced. Then TeX complains:

I can't find file `brief.aux'

I also tried leaving the environment alone and did

system "cd", "/Users/jan/Desktop/briefe";

But that did not help at all.

Sorry to be so dump, but how can I get the file written and read in a www writeable dir?


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