[OS X TeX] Open Selection -- Applescript for TeXShop/iTeXMac

Matthew Hills hills_tex at tina.stanford.edu
Sat Oct 16 01:29:53 CEST 2004

Claus, thanks for forwarding the scripts you use with BBEdit.

I put together a script to open a file based upon the current text 
selected in TeXShop or iTeXMac.


The behavior is similar to the "Open selection" menu item in iTeXMac, 
except that the file extension is not required.  e.g., you can select 
"report" in "\documentclass[12pt]{report}" and the script will open 
"report.cls" from the teTeX search path.

If the file extension is not specified, the script looks for the text 
just before the selection to try and find tell-tale tags like 
"\bibliographystyle" that would suggest what file extension to use 
(".bst" in this case).  I welcome any feedback on suggestions for how 
to expand the list of important tags (I currently have \includeonly, 
\include, \input, \bibliographystyle, \bibliography, \usepackage, 
\documentclass, and \includegraphics).

Also, I put in a hack to help me with opening files that exist outside 
the teTeX tree.  For example, I keep all my figures for a document as 
PDFs in a subdirectory of my document directory named "./figs".  
Secondly, I define my own latex macro to set the graphics (this is an 
example, mine is much uglier):
         \newcommand{\myfig}[1]{ \includegraphics{figs/#1}}
Then I could add a record to the file_extension_map property of the 
          {tag:"\\myfig", extension:".pdf", prefix:"figs/"},
So that selecting "smiley" in "\myfig{smiley}" would then be able to 
open a window to show "./figs/smiley.pdf"

As always, let me know of any suggestions, or you find any errors   (I 
really appreciated Will's suggestion to use kpsewhich for my earlier 
scripting endeavors for bibliographic citations, and I also appreciated 
error reports that uncovered faulty assumptions I was making based upon 
how I structure documents in latex...).


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