[OS X TeX] how to handle window-mania?

Alexandru Scorpan ascorpan at math.ufl.edu
Thu Oct 14 19:35:52 CEST 2004

>> How do you handle open windows when there's more than one window open?

I personally fell in love with multi-button mouses and will never go 
back to single-button.  Currently, I use a 5-button mouse.  When in 
TeXShop, the mouse has left-button translated to ->, used for going to 
next page in pdf-views, middle-button transl to Cmd-T, for typesetting, 
a lateral fourth button to Cmd-W to close a window, and a fifth to 
Cmd-M to minimize.

I use the mouse in combination with Expose, set to have upper-right 
corner hot for show-all-windows, lower-left for show-desktop.  I switch 
between open windows with a hand-jerk upwards to expose them;  I close 
consoles and other windows from the mouse as soon as they're 
irrelevant;  I minimize windows, that I might need later but want out 
of expose, also from the mouse, etc.

I keep all other running apps hidden or minimized, but I keep a Finder 
window with the project folder open all the time (thus accessible from 
expose).  In that window, I color-labeled all source-files of interest 
according to their groups, and keep the window in list mode, ordered by 
labels, so that I only look at, say, the orange group of sources, in 
between the red whatevers and the blue somethings, with all the 
unneeded aux's etc automatically exiled in the upper no-labels area of 
that window.

To deal with recognizing the windows that are either minimized in the 
dock or expose'd, I actually read the labels that appear when you glide 
the mouse over them.

After a while all this crap kind of becomes second nature.  I guess it 
was good that it evolved on its own, in time;  I probably couldn't 
follow such a recipe if somebody just suddenly told it to me...

-- Alex

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