[OS X TeX] pstricks in pdftex and xetex

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Tue Oct 12 14:23:44 CEST 2004

Hi Ross,

Ross Moore wrote on 12.10.2004:

>Hi Jan, Michael, and others
>On 12/10/2004, at 7:37 PM, Jan Eden wrote:
>>Michael Gedalin wrote on 12.10.2004:
>>>I know two packages aimed to substitute/extend pstricks for using
>>>in non-postscript tex. One is pgf which defines its own commands
>>>instead of pstricks for produce directly pdf output. The other is
>>>pdftricks which is a kind of wrapper for pstricks, It uses
>>>\write18 (or --shell-escape). Both are working with pdfelatex for
>>>my, neither is working with xetex. While I do not get any
>>>error/warning I could understand from pgf, running pdftricks
>>>results in "no \write18 capability", although I enable 'xetex
>>>--shell-escape' via the TeXShop preferences.
>>That is what I experienced - I am using the beamer class which uses
>>pgf for its various display tricks.
>Sorry for my ignorance --- what is  pgf ?
Portable Graphics Format. It is a package intended to extend the image drawing capabilities of tex documents while avoiding PostScript.
>>Among other things, including a pdf image is not possible with
>>xetex and the beamer class: \usepackage[xetex]{graphicx} gives me
>>an option clash.
>Including  pdf images is certainly possible with XeTeX. Please
>provide an example file that is giving you difficulty.
Of course it is possible. It just does not work when using the beamer class and pgf as the underlying graphics package. I always get an option clash when using [xetex] and the xetex errors when leaving it out (as in \usepackage{graphicx}).
>>I already tested several workarounds for using pstricks with
>>pdf(la)tex (like ps4pdf), and I wanted to switch to pgf finally.
>>But now, since xetex has problems with pgf, I am stuck again.
>It should indeed be possible to use {ps4pdf}, but perhaps not yet
>When Jonathan fixes the reported \write18 problem, this should be
>tested again, and a full workable solution devised, if necessary.


It seemed to me a bit cumbersome, and I want to get independent of pstricks anyway (having relied on it for some time now). While pstricks is a great package, it has to many requirements for the  regarding document processing.

Best regards,

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