[OS X TeX] Trump Med. & dvips (revisited)

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Oct 8 00:21:34 CEST 2004

Am 07.10.2004 um 17:36 schrieb Ingo Reich:

I think you've forgotten to update the dvips maps with your new fonts. 
Otherwise dvips wouldn't have started to create PK files! Feel free to 
notice that only the new bold and italic variants were suspected to be 
Metafont, your

One question: in Fontmap.GS the PostScript names are a bit short 
compared to those names in ptv.map. What's the reason for this?

To determine the correct name of a PS font look into the PS font file, 
x.pfa or x.pfb! There has to be an entry starting with "/FullName" 
followed by the full name in parentheses () and ending in "readonly 
def." This name belongs into Fontmap.GS prepended by "/" to mark it as 
a PS name. To check whether gs can handle this name here's a little 
PostScript code (maybe this file is example Allfabet.ps):

================== snip ===================
% Check for command line parameters:
%       Name, FirstSize, Ratio, NumSizes, UseOutline.

/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (TeX-tipa10) def } ifelse
%/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (Hershey-Script-Simplex-Oblique) 
def } ifelse
%/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (ContextNavigation) def } ifelse
%/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (Copperplate-ThirtyThreeBC) def } 
%/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (TimesNewRomanPSMT-BoldItalicMT) 
def } ifelse
%/FontName where { pop } { /FontName (PazoMathBlackboardBold) def } 

/FirstSize where { pop } { /FirstSize 15 def } ifelse
/Ratio where { pop } { /Ratio 1.6 def } ifelse
/NumSizes where { pop } { /NumSizes 3 def } ifelse
/UseOutline where { pop } { /UseOutline false def } ifelse

/Strings FirstSize 20 gt
  { [
         (abcdefghijklm) (nopqrstuvwxyz)
         (0123456789<=>) (:;?@  !"#$%&')
         (\(\)*+,-./[\\]^_) (`{|}~)
  ] }
  { [
         (0123456789<=>:;?@  !"#$%&')
         (\(\)*+,-./  [\\]^_  `{|}~)
  ] }
ifelse def

  { gsave UseOutline
     { { gsave ( ) dup 0 4 -1 roll put
         false charpath pathbbox 0 setlinewidth stroke grestore
         pop 8 add currentpoint exch pop moveto pop
       } forall
     { 2 0 3 -1 roll ashow }
    ifelse grestore
  } def

FontName findfont FirstSize scalefont setfont

clippath pathbbox /top exch def pop pop pop newpath
10 10 moveto
  { gsave nulldevice (Q) false charpath pathbbox grestore
      exch pop exch sub exch pop 1.25 mul /height exch def
     { currentpoint exch pop top height 3 mul sub gt
        { showpage 10 10 height sub moveto
       dup sshow
       UseOutline not
        { 0 height rmoveto gsave 0.01 rotate sshow grestore }
       0 height rmoveto
     } forall
    Ratio dup scale
  } repeat
================== snip ===================

Put as many fontnames as you have PS fonts into the "%/FontName where 
..." shape and leave only *one* line uncommented, the one with the font 
you want gs to check right now. So that's the check whether gs (and 
ps2pdf) works with your fonts and declarations.

To make the TeX installation believe that your fonts and map files 
additions exist invoke updmap! When updmap invokes texhash, which you 
will notice, then TeX will work. And this means dvips too, as long as 
you added all font variants for dvips (+ pdftex + dvipdfm) into the map 

Every little change has to be recorded. This is done via updmap or 
texhash only for adding new classes or styles. And a change too is a 
changed contents of a file.

Maybe I'm wrong in persisting on these basic things, here's one more 
clue: try to add some spaces like here

ptvr8r TrumpMediaevalLT-Roman " TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont " <8r.enc 

I don't know why but I keep to this tradition. And I don't have an 
explanation for the weird output, I've never seen this before -- I 



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