[OS X TeX] MacGhostview & Macdvix continued

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Oct 6 12:24:39 CEST 2004

Jesse Billett schrieb:

> The problem is not that I get different sizes/resolutions of document 
> on the screen, but that they look basically the same on the screen and 
> print out differently, with pdf hardcopy small, and ps hardcopy quite 
> large.  Could this instead have to do with my (rather crap) HP Deskjet 
> 3420 printer? 

Yes, this could be!

The PDF files probably contain PostScript fonts that are scaled to the 
correct size via PostScript operators. Acrobat Reader (or Mac OS X's 
printer driver) converts the (vector based) graphics from PDF to Deskjet 

dvips might be set up to include pixel based Computer Modern fonts. If 
you did not choose the right resolution (mode) of your printer it might 
have happened that incorrectly sized bitmaps are sent to the printer.  
Teach dvips to use the PostScript versions of the CM fonts! Meanwhile 
they're all free and in good quality.

With PSNFSS in teTeX you should have received all map files. They're 
probably all in 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/fonts/map/dvips/updmap/, psfonts.map 
is the most important file name, the one that dvips actually reads. It 
should point to a file containing lines like

cmbsy9 CMBSY10 <cmbsy10.pfb
cmbx10 CMBX10 " TeXf7b6d320Encoding ReEncodeFont " <f7b6d320.enc <cmbx10.pfb
cmr10 CMR10 " TeXf7b6d320Encoding ReEncodeFont " <f7b6d320.enc <cmr10.pfb
ecfb3583 TeX-ecfb3583 <fcfb3583.pfb

Run updmap and see what dvips logs, particularly which files it includes 
into the PS output file.

Finally you might need the correct Mac OS X driver for your Deskjet 
since it's not a PostScript printer. Some instance has to do a 
translation from PS to your printer's "language", probably PCL6. This is 
done through a printer driver inside the Mac OS X printing system. 
(Acrobat Readers seem to be able to do this rendering themselves.)



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