[OS X TeX] viewer, configuration

Frans Goddijn frans at goddijn.com
Wed Jun 30 14:31:04 CEST 2004

Hi Maarten,

 > (You shouldn't be using bitmap fonts anyway ;)

;-) One of the fun things in TeX is that one can do as one pleases ;-)

By the way, the work that I finished on the Mac, a digital 
re-publishing of a book that I happened to have the rights of, is on 

 > The trouble with Acrobat is that its support
 > for AppleEvents is limited, making it hard to
 > integrate it into the workflow (the only way to
 > update its display is to close and reopen the file

I did that on Windows/Winedt also, no problem.

 >> 2) In TeX manuals one can read about files
 >> like texmf.cnf and texexec.ini.  On my system I
 >> can load them in the text editor but I can't
 >> save them!

 > Security. I use bbedit for these files

Thanks for the tip! I installed BBedit now too. I only need the TeXshop 
editor to give the 'compile' command. Maybe I should try to do this on 
the command line, if I can find out what that command line option was 
(brings me back to the good old 4DOS / emTeX times).



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