[OS X TeX] Fourier and amsart

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 30 04:36:05 CEST 2004

On Jun 29, 2004, at 11:11 AM, Michel Bovani wrote:

> Le 29 juin 2004, à 4h49, Richard Seguin a écrit :
>> Bruno,
>> I added \usepackage{bm}, and now when \usepackage{fourier} is 
>> invoked, both $\bm{\beta)$ and $\bm(T)$ are typeset as bold italic. 
>> Interestingly, \usepackage{bm} also seems to modify the behavior of 
>> \boldsymbol so that now both $\boldsymbol{\beta)$ and 
>> $\boldsymbol(T)$ also are typeset as bold italic. Without the bm 
>> package, these last two were rendered as non-bold italic.
> Yes but it is a poorman-bold (several medium chars, with slight 
> offset).
> In fact there is a beta-version of a bold-math-fourier (only latin and 
> greek chars). Fonts were adapted from mines by Timur Mukhamedjanov 
> (manyt thanks to him) and this beta version can be installed and used 
> apart from standard fourier (but the installation requires standard 
> fourier for textfonts).
> Note that Timur changed the design of some glyphs, (\partialdiff eg) 
> and I am not still sure to adopt the changes. Advices are welcome.
> ftp.gutenberg.eu.org/pub/gut/distribs/fourier/timur/fourier-timur-texmf
> It contain (I hope) all what is needed to install a beta version 
> (standard TDS tree)
> to achive installation you have to
> 1 - install all the stuff in your texmf tree
> 2 - run mktexlsr
> 3 - open fourier-timur.map and copy-paste the four lines in your main 
> fourier.map file (or add Map fourier-timur.map in updmap.cfg)
> 4 - run updmap
> Usage
> replace \usepackage{fourier} by 
> \usepackage{fourier-beta-timur}\usepackage{bm}
> You should be able to use \boldmath <some math> \unboldmath
> or
> \bm{<math-symbols>}


Even if this is a synthesized bold, it's pretty good! I'm guessing 
though that it might be noticeable with very high resolution 

Please keep us informed here about future developments with fourier!

Richard Séguin

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