[OS X TeX] installing texlive

Jan Anderssen jan at linguist.umass.edu
Tue Jun 29 17:44:52 CEST 2004

> Well Will It's like this. I live in the bush in central Victoria, 
> Australia My download speed is around 2Kb/second. My connection is sus 
> at best and a twelve hour + download is... well not likely succeed.  I 
> can get access to a broadband connection if  you know where I can get 
> the Tex file to put on disk.

When I read George's message, my first response was "Well, I could just 
burn the files on a CD and send it over". This exact plan didn't seem 
too smart though, since by the time the CD was likely to arrive, George 
would probably have figured out how to configure TeXLive manually, or 
alternatively handwritten his papers. Also I just wouldn't be sure what 
would be the things to put on such a CD.

But it made me wondering more generally whether it would be useful for 
people who only have a fast connection at work, or at a friend's, to 
have a download that is even bigger than Gerben's tex-fat.dmg, and 
includes, you know, maybe TeXShop and iTeXMac, some of the nice 
documentation people have written, and other useful stuff. I'm thinking 
it could be for instance a CD image, so you could go to your friend's 
place, say "Hey, can I download this and burn it on a CD?" and then go 
home and as you read through the documents, have everything you'd want 
to available.

What do people think? Could this be useful to the point where it 
justifies the work going into maintenance? Could it be hosted 
somewhere? What would one want on such a CD? Do the licenses of the 
programs allow this?

Just a thought so far,

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