[OS X TeX] Non-linear slideshows?

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Mon Jun 28 20:28:18 CEST 2004

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Christopher Allen wrote:

> For a while I've been interested in producing slideshows using 
> equations and diagrams generated by LaTeX with pstricks. For it to be 
> very useful for me, I would like to be able to move through a slide 
> non-linearly. For example, if I have a picture of a box being dragged 
> across a floor, I would like to be able to have vectors and labels for 
> each force hidden and appear in an order not predetermined. This way I 
> can have arrows appear in the order students identify them. Has anyone 
> ever tried this? Any idea if there's a way to mix the conditional 
> statements of LaTeX with any one of pdfscreen, ppower4, texpower, etc.?
> Thanks,
> Chris

ConTeXt is probably the best tool for this, but take a look at
for the example done by AcroTeX
"This is a nice example on the use of the AcroTeX Bundle and PSTricks for 
a talk given at the 15th ICTCM Conference, Disney World, Orlando. The 
presentation was inspired by some of Han Hagen's (ConTeXt) presentations."

I don't know if this is what you meant, but it uses pstricks and latex
packages.  For ideas you should check out the ConTeXt website
on any of Hans Hagen's talks.  Each is unique, never the same
layout twice.  http://www.pragma-ade.com/

We have his examples in the 
	presentations on Sunday and Monday
/// wendy

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