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Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 28 04:38:53 CEST 2004

On Jun 27, 2004, at 1:57 PM, Michel Bovani wrote:

> Le 27 juin 04, à 5h00, Richard Seguin a écrit :
>> Does anyone know for sure that the small caps used by amsart in 
>> titles are displayed properly if the Fourier package is invoked and 
>> the Utopia Expert fonts installed? Without the expert fonts headings 
>> revert to CM.
> I don't reproduce it! Could you send me a little sample file?
>>  I would like to have some assurance before I think about investing 
>> in the expert set.
>> I've noticed too that \boldsymbol and \mathbf do not work yet with 
>> Fourier.
> mathbf do work with latin letters, but not with greek letters (because 
> bold latin is in the utopia bold font, and bold greek wil be in the 
> bold fourier complement. coming in september, I hope).
>>  Is there a place to go on the web for news about progress in its 
>> development?
> Just ask me ! There will be a new version in september, with bold 
> letters (latin and greek) and perhaps all bold math symbols 
> (perhaps!).
>> I've been evaluating Fourier, and it is growing on me. I've always 
>> thought that Utopia could have a more elegant italic, (Minion italic 
>> is my favorite),
> If opentypes were fully usable with tex, minion should be a great 
> choice (there is a greek an a cyrillic in minion opentype). I still 
> prefer warnock pro, but there is no cyrillic in warnock pro opentype.

I'm sorry! I just did a more careful comparison, and I am getting 
Utopia small caps in the titles. In fact, this seems to work even 
better with Fourier allowing bold small caps in the title when CM does 

However, using Fourier, $\mathbf{T}$ is bold, but is upright, and 
$\boldsymbol{T}$ is not bold, but is italic.

I haven't had time yet to investigate the the bm package as noted by 

> By the way, the "official" way of getting bold maths in LaTeX is now 
> provided by the bm package (see 
> /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/tools/bm.dvi). For example, 
> I generally use:
> \usepackage{bm}
> \renewcommand{\vec}[1]{\bm{#1}}
> \DeclareBoldMathCommand{\bnabla}{\nabla}
> \DeclareBoldMathCommand{\bcdot} {\cdot}
> \DeclareBoldMathCommand{\btimes}{\times}
> Bruno Voisin

I intend to in the next few days.

Try the following code and see a number of differences with and without 
the fourier package. I seem to remember that some experimentation on my 
part showed that the amsart document class allows you to override 
certain features of its standard defined style, but not others, and 
it's not always obvious why you can or why you can't.


\input protcode.tex

\textwidth = 6.5 in
\textheight = 8.7 in
\oddsidemargin = 0.0 in
\evensidemargin = 0.0 in
\topmargin = 0.0 in
\headsep = 0.4 in
\footskip = 0.4 in



{\it \setprotcode \font}
{\bf \setprotcode \font}
{\bf \it \setprotcode \font}


\markboth{\small{\textsc{Richard S\'{e}guin}}}{\small{\textsc{The 
Topology and Algebra of $\beta T$}}}

\Large{\textbf{Test Document}}\\ \bigskip
\large{Richard S\'{e}guin}\\ \bigskip \medskip

\section{$\mathbf{\beta T}$ \textbf{as a Semigroup of Ultrafilters on} 
$\mathbf{T}$ }\label{S:SemigroupUltrafilters}

$\mathbf{T}$ $\boldsymbol{T}$ $T$ \textbf{T} $\mathbf{\beta}$ 

\section{$\beta T$ as a Semigroup of Ultrafilters on 

\textsc{Small Capitals}

\textbf{\textsc{Small Capitals}}

\section{$\boldsymbol{\beta T}$ \textbf{as a Semigroup of Ultrafilters 
on} $\boldsymbol{T}$ }\label{S:SemigroupUltrafilters}


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