[OS X TeX] Stupid question

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Jun 26 12:22:22 CEST 2004

Le 26 juin 04, à 09:47, delanoy at igd.univ-lyon1.fr a écrit :

>  I can't see the any of the characters
> \ (backslash) , [ or ] (rectangular parantheses) on
> my Macintosh keyboard. As everyone knows, those
> characters are really useful for LaTeX.
>  So are there any keyboard shortcuts for those ?

To elaborate on Frank Stengel's response, assuming also you've got a 
French keyboard:

\ = Alt-Shift-:
{ = Alt-(
[ = Alt-Shift-(
} = Alt-)
] = Alt-Shift-)
~ = Alt-n-Space

and, in case your keyboard doesn't have the @/# key in the upper left 
corner (older Mac keyboards didn't have it):

@ = Alt-`
# = Alt-Shift-`

So many niceties our English-speaking friends are deprived of! Life 
must be so boring ;-)

As for "Visualiseur du clavier", as far as I remember it's not on by 
default. You have to enable it, in "Préférences 
Système/International/Menu Saisie" then check "Visualiseur clavier". 
That's also were you can activate the Character Palette, too, and 
Unicode Hex Entry. Then you can access them from the International item 
in the menu bar (the little flag), which you also have to enable first 
by checking "Afficher le menu Saisie dans la barre des menus".

If you prefer the nicer looking (in my opinion) "Clavier" item of 
Classic's Apple menu, then you can get it easily (assuming you're using 
a font visible to Classic) by going to "Préférences Système/Classic" 
then check "Afficher l'état de Classic dans la barre des menus". It 
will add a Classic icon in the menu bar, from which you can visualize 
Classic's state and use the "Dossier Menu Pomme".

For example, I still keep around an Apple menu item called "System 
Errors Table 3.1", from 1991 (!), useful for getting explanations about 
the cryptic errors message that Mac OS may sometimes return 
(significantly less of them, fortunately enough, on Mac OS X).

Bruno Voisin
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