[OS X TeX] Controlling white space in wrapfig ~OT

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre at univ-rennes1.fr
Fri Jun 25 20:18:51 CEST 2004

Bob wrote:
>     {\setlength{\intextsep}{.5\intextsep}%
>      \wrapfloat{figure}}
>     {\endwrapfloat}
>Cutting \intextsep in half by using {.5\intextsep} reduces the white 
>space some below, but little, if any, above the image. Making it 
>even smaller as in {.2\intextsep} again reduces the space below the 
>image and does nothing above the image.
>From the wrapfig.sty document, \intextsep appears to be the 
>controlling factor both above and below the image, but there must be 

You could suppress the space by setting \intextsep to 0pt.

What I sometimes do is just set \intextsep before I call
wrapfigure, like in


If you set the \intextsep length before calling wrapfigure,
it will affect both top and bottom; if you set it between
\begin{wrapfigure} and \end{wrapfigure} I imagine it will
only affect the bottom} and after \end{wrapfigure} it will
not affect the considered figure.

Also check whether your image doesn't *contain* a lot of
white space on the top. If that is the case, you could
consider setting \intextsep to a negative value before
calling wrapfigure, then reset it to a reasonable value.

Hope this is of some help
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