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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Jun 22 21:44:31 CEST 2004

Le 22 juin 04, à 21:02, Kip Bishofberger a écrit :

> What does "sanatizing" by eps2eps do?  Also, is there any point to
> picking different postscript language levels beyond talking to a
> printer?

About these points, I don't know more than is returned by the man page:

        ps2ps, eps2eps - Ghostscript PostScript "distiller"

        ps2ps [ options ] input.ps output.ps
        eps2eps [ options ] input.eps output.eps

        ps2ps  uses gs(1) to convert PostScript(tm) file "input.ps" to 
        normalized and (usually) faster PostScript  in  "output.ps".   
        the  output is allowed to use PostScript Level 2 or Level 3 
        but the -dLanguageLevel=1 option restricts the output to Level 1.

        eps2eps  performs  the   equivalent   optimization   for   
        PostScript (EPS) files.

Bruno Voisin
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