[OS X TeX] Update: Texmaker and TkBibTeX

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Sun Jun 20 05:51:10 CEST 2004

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A while back I posted on the list about my experiments with Texmaker. I
have found it to be an excellent LaTeX editor, but decided that there
was little point in making incremental improvements to it when an
easily-installed package by Markus Bongard is available from
Versiontracker. Also, I'm really not enthusastic about learning C++
(Texmaker is a Qt application). And, I'm also doing more and more of my
working in Enhanced Carbon Emacs.

Instead, I've switched to working with tkbibtex because I am working on
learning Tcl and AppleScript; this is *not* vaporware (i.e. Kile and
Texmaker).  I have a slightly modified version of tkbibtex and an
AppleScript app launcher (that will allow drag-and-drop opening of .bib
files) about finished.  I still have to finish the website where the
packages can be downloaded.

Is anyone else using tkbibtex? I know that there are some old
instructions on how to get it installed under OS 9, but I've had a hard
time finding resources on how to get it running on OS X. I hope that the
documentation I put together will be useful.

I'll let the list know when it's ready for download. Should be a couple
of weeks.

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