[OS X TeX] lost message? Suggestions for TeXShop

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Tue Jun 15 20:21:27 CEST 2004


I sincerely apologize, but I sent this message on Saturday and never 
saw it in the digests that I receive. Maybe it got lost somehow. So I 
repost it a shorter/modified version because I care about some points, 
and add a couple more questions.

Thank you list, as usual answers come quickly for my questions in 
message titled "memoir class, Table questions, position of floats, line 
numbering": you solved most of my questions.
I'd like to make a wish for an improvement in TeXShop (unless it is 
there and I have not found it). Does the author visit this list, or 
should I also contact him?

My document is only 15 pages so far, but I already find it difficult to 
type references to my tables and figures. I guess I'll be able to 
manage by using the split pane feature of TeXShop, but what would be 
very nice would be a new feature that would work like Tags (is Tags a 
button, a drop-down menu??). This could be a new menu (button) called 
Ref, and would track automatically the labels in a document (just as 
Tags automatically tracks all the headings and manually inserted 
markers (those that begin with %: ). When clicking on this button, a 
list of available labels would appear, a bit like when inserting a 
reference to a table or a figure in Word gives you a list of available 
tables and figures to choose from. Selecting an entry would 
automatically put ~\ref{the_chosen_label} at the cursor's position in 
the text.

A second request would make all the shortcuts available in Macros, Tags 
(and Refs) so much more useful (right now it is often faster to just 
type them) if they were available as a contextual menu when one 
right-clicks (or control clicks) at a certain position in the text.


Now more questions. Where can one locate the "Local guide" that so many 
of the tutorials I consult mention? I searched the /usr/local/tetex 
folder (finder's search) and did not find it.

Also, I cannot type any quote characters that work. I tried simple 
quotes on both sides of a word, I've tried curly quotes, but it does 
not work.

Finally, why is it that sometimes I can fix a mistake and then compile 
successfully, but other times I fix the mistake (I know I did because I 
revert to a solution that worked previously) but I keep getting the 
same error message until I delete all but the .tex file from the folder 
where my document sits. Are there errors in some intermediate files 
(.aux?) that keep killing the compile time and time again? If so, in 
addition to "erreur" and "abandonne" (I'm not sure what the console 
tells you in English), it would be nice to have a button that removes 
the offending file instead of necessitating a trip to the finder.

I hope you won't find me ungrateful to suggest all these changes to 
TeXShop: I really appreciate this program.

Bye and thanks in advance,

Denis Chabot

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