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William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Jun 15 15:51:21 CEST 2004

On Tuesday, June 15, 2004, at 09:27  AM, Fernando Pereira wrote:

> What Larry means by "inflated" is that the UK list price £89.99 is 
> much more than the US recommended price of $99.


Well, that's a matter for one's legislature, and such bits of the 
government as oversee business, no?

Aren't British prices driven up by things like VAT and taxes to support 
socialized healthcare? Isn't there a ``gross receipts'' tax on all 
monies taken in by a company?

As my father would say, ``You pays your money and you takes your 

I tell you what, if someone in Britain wants to subsidize my health 
insurance premium for this month, I'll send them the money to purchase 
this font set.

and Will Robertson asked:
> Does this mean YOU don't view that price as inflated? :)

I bought Adobe Garamond when it first came out in 1989 --- I'll leave 
it to the reader to look up the list price of fonts back then (I also 
purchased the Expert Set, packages #100 and 101 they were).

When I bought Agfa's Eaglefeather it was $49 for each font for each 

  - Regular
  - Italic
  - Small Caps
  - Informal
  - Informal Italic

(Bought I only purchased the normal weight --- I suppose I could've 
just drawn the letters I needed (it was for the signage for a Frank 
Lloyd Wright exhibit), but I believe that it's important that one 
acknowledges where design material comes from, including paying 

Typefaces are incredibly inexpensive now, considering the effort which 
goes into making a good one.

> Seriously, though, your comments imply that it is very good value --- 
> would you recommend the package?

``Adobe Type Classics for Learning offers
   a versatile mix of 400 Western fonts
   and 26 Japanese fonts in OpenType® format,
   and includes classics such as Adobe Garamond®,
   Lithos®, Myriad®, and Minion®, as well as new
   and innovative font designs.''

See above. This bundle costs less than I've paid for most of my 
individual design families.

However, remember this is an _Academic_ bundle, offered for learning.

``Qualified Education customers may order
   Adobe Type Classics for Learning
   from an Adobe Authorized Education Reseller.''

Unless the license has changed, it's to be used only in an academic 
environment and not for commercial work.


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