[OS X TeX] big-size cm fonts

Gianluca Gorni gorni at dimi.uniud.it
Tue Jun 15 15:47:27 CEST 2004


I am trying to get a student of mine to use marslides package
on a Windows PC with TeXlive. I have run into font problems:
some large-size fonts are replaced with much smaller ones.

I isolated the problem into the following LaTeX source:

\font\verylarge=cmr17 at55pt
\verylarge trial2

which behaves badly on Windows TeXlive, gw-teTeX and Textures:
the "trial1" is typeset small, with the warning

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/cmr/m/n' in size <55> not available
(Font)              size <24.88> substituted on input line 14.

Still, the "trial2" made with the bottom-level \font
mechanism does work. It means that size 55 does exist,
although one cannot access it with \slideHuge.

Also, using the "times" package both "trial1" and "trial2"
come out fine and big as expected.

Provisionally I told the student to use times, because that way
the large sizes come out fine. Formulas will be still typeset in cmmi,
I am afraid.
Luckily enough we can live without \slideHuge formulas.

Any idea on how to get huge-size cm fonts?

Thanks in advance,

             Gianluca Gorni

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