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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun Jun 13 09:40:18 CEST 2004

Le 13 juin 04, à 00:32, Michael S. Hanson a écrit :

> On Jun 12, 2004, at 4:49 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> - Open a window and navigate to /Library/ (it's displayed under a 
>> localized name in the Finder, for example "Bibliothèque" in French), 
>> make sure teTeX appears as one of its sub-directories.
> 	On my setup, teTeX appears as an alias, which one can identify by the 
> little curved arrow badge on the lower-left corner of the folder 
> icon....

Yes, it's a symlink to /usr/local/teTeX. The advantage of 
/Library/teTeX is that you can see it from the Finder directly, without 
having to use Cmd-Shift-G or switching to Terminal.app as for 

> 	By the way, there are (at least) two Library directories on your Mac. 
>  The slash in front of "/Library" means you want the one that is a 
> subdirectory from your hard drive icon, not the one that is a 
> subdirectory from your home directory (which is denoted ~/Library, ~ 
> being a shorthand for "your home directory").  This is an important 
> subtle point to those new to OS X, as *both* /Library and ~/Library 
> may have teTeX subdirectories -- but the files in question most likely 
> will only be found in /Library.

There are actually three Library directories, with /System/Library, 
/Library and ~/Library. Only the last two may have a relation to TeX, 
whose files are stored in /Library/teTeX (actually /usr/local/teTeX) 
and ~/Library/texmf (note this is *not* ~/Library/teTeX). The first of 
the last two contains files visible and usable to all the users of your 
Mac, while the second contains files visible and usable to you only.

The TeX support files live in the following directories:

- /Library/teTeX/share/texmf: teTeX-specific support files (the teTeX 
manual, etc.)

- /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex: the general TeX tree, as taken from 

- /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.gwtex: Gerben Wierda's additions to the 
above, generally as requested by users from this list (the Utopia 
fonts, the memoir class, etc.)

- /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.local: your local additions, for all the 
users of your Mac (that's where I put my Lucida and MathTime fonts, as 
well as the Adobe Euro fonts, the Mathematica and Fourier fonts, the 
letterhead from my research lab, the classes for the scientific 
journals that I submit papers to, etc.); some extensions added by 
specific i-Packages are also put there (CM-Super, Latin Modern, XeTeX, 

- ~/Library/texmf: your personal additions, for your eyes only (that's 
where I put my personal letterhead)

Note these are only the TeX support files (macros, fonts, manuals, 
etc.). TeX itself, the executable program, and its various derivatives 
(pdfTeX, XeTeX, etc.) and ancillary programs (dvips, updmap, pltotf, 
etc.), as compiled by Gerben, live in 

>> - In the File menu, select Find… (Cmd-F).
>> - Drag the teTeX directory to the white area inside the Find window 
>> that appears. It will add this directory to those (Documents, iDisk, 
>> etc.) already available by default for the search.
> 	In order to see the "white area" in the Find window, one must have 
> "Specific places" selected in the "Search in:" drop-down menu.  
> (Sorry, don't know what that would translate to in French.)  If this 
> is the first time you have done this, only your hard drive icon (with 
> a check box to the left) will be listed there.

Agreed. I had forgotten that. It's "Rechercher" and "sur les 
emplacements spécifiques" in French BTW.

>> - Check teTeX and uncheck the other directories.
>> - In the pop-up menus below this white area, select "Visibility" in 
>> the first and "Visible and Invisible Elements" in the second.
>> - Then press the "+" button which will allow to add one more search 
>> criterion, and select "The name" "Starts with" (for example) and type 
>> the name of the file to search for, here "pifont.sty".
>> You're done, you will search for the file "pifont.sty" inside the 
>> directory /Library/teTeX/ where the TeX distribution lives.
> 	And, in my experience, you won't find anything.  I don't know if it 
> is specific to my Mac or not, but following these instructions turned 
> up nothing.

I do find things (in OS 10.3.4):


Why you don't I've no idea.

> Finally, since you are looking for a TeX file, you could always type
> 	kpsewhich pifont.sty
> which also will find the file in the appropriate directory.

I always forget about this one!

Bruno Voisin
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