[OS X TeX] line numbering, referencing figures and tables

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Sat Jun 12 16:06:26 CEST 2004

Thank you list, as usual answers come quickly for my questions in 
message titled "memoir class, Table questions, position of floats, line 

I found solutions to most of my questions, although some of them will 
possibly require installing packages that I am not sure can be 
installed with iInstaller (for instance the solutions for line 
numbering at

I hope I'll succeed in installing them!

Anyhow, I said that a visual interface to table making was better. I 
found ways to ease the pain a bit (search and replace of tabs with & 
(this can be done in TeXShop) and of end of lines by \\+end of line 
(this one I could not do in TeXShop, as I did not know how to tell it 
to search for end of lines. I use TextWrangler). But the merging of 
cells and rows is what takes me time. It is as easy to remove a row (I 
comment it out) in TeXShop as in a wysiwyg table editor, but you cannot 
beat the wysiwyg interface if you quickly want to remove a column!

Still, I'm having fun so far, and am impressed with the output.

I'd like to make a wish for an improvement in TeXShop (unless it is 
there and I have not found it). Does the author visit this list, or 
should I also contact him?

Here it is. My document is only 15 pages so far, but I already find it 
difficult to type references to my tables and figures. I guess I'll be 
able to manage by using the split pane feature of TeXShop, but what 
would be very nice would be a new feature that would work like 
Etiquette (I guess it is Labels on the English version? Anyway it is a 
button that is just right of the Macro button. This new button would be 
called Ref, and would track automatically the labels in a document 
(just as Etiquette automatically tracks all the headings and manually 
inserted markers (those that begin with %: ). When clicking on this 
button, a list of available labels would appear, a bit like when 
inserting a reference to a table or a figure in Word gives you a list 
of available tables and figures to choose from. Selecting an entry 
would automatically put ~\ref{the_chosen_label} in the text.

I'd be delighted to have this feature, but I dare asking for more! It 
would be nice if when you are typing, you could control-click and have 
a TeXShop contextual menu appear. It could have (for example) 3 entries 
with their own sub-entries: macros (to insert these shortcuts without 
having to go to the top of the window), etiquettes (to quickly move 
somewhere else) and Ref (to quickly make a reference to one of a list 
of available tables and figures).


Denis Chabot

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