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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Jun 12 11:24:06 CEST 2004

Le 12 juin 04, à 07:48, Alain Schremmer a écrit :

> Somebody on wintel gave me a file which, when I tried to typeset it, 
> required pifont. After doing a bit of homework, I downloaded all that 
> was required by *PSNFSS 9.1b -- Installation instructions*. Then I 
> came to the following
> [...]

You shouldn't follow the instructions that you reproduced in your 
message, they assume the TDS (for a description of the TDS see 
/Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/help/tds.dvi, drag this file onto 
the Desktop, this will create a copy there, and drag the copy onto 
TeXShop to have it converted to PDF and displayed) variant used in the 
TeXLive CDs, but not to the TDS variant used in teTeX (upon which the 
TeX i-Package is based). For exemple there is no "source" folder, "pub" 
is "public" instead, and many more of the same.

If that's really needed I can try to find time later this weekend 
(though I'm really short of time) to write detailed instructions, but I 
don't think that's the case: PSNFSS 9.0a and it component pifont.sty 
are indeed included in the TeX i-Package. For example the package 
pifont lives at 
/Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/psnfss/pifont.sty, and the 
various files from lw35nfss*.zip live inside:

.map files: /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/dvips/psnfss/
.afm files: /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/fonts/afm/adobe/
.tfm files: /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/fonts/tfm/adobe/
.vf  files: /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/fonts/vf/adobe/
.fd  files: /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/psnfss/

In my opinion, doing a reinstall would be more harmful than beneficial. 
Plus you could get a system that is not homogeneous: PSNFSS9.1b 
possibly relying on more recent versions of other LaTeX packages than 
those included in the TeX i-Package. Gerben Wierda has explained in 
other occasions why he won't update this i-Package right now (TDS -- 
the TeX directory system -- is in the middle of a major reorganization, 
as a consequence it is pretty unstable for the moment, and Gerben is 
waiting for the distributions his TeX i-Package is based on -- teTeX 
and TeXLive -- to reach a stable state themselves before).

Below I have included the list of changes to PSNFSS from 9.0a to 9.1b 
(taken from the file changes.txt from 
tex-archive/macros/latex/required/psnfss/ on CTAN). Do you really and 
absolutely need one of them?

To use the package pifont you should just write in the preamble of your 
LaTeX document:


The documentation for PSNFSS is 

> (4) Fonts required for PSNFSS
> [...]
> (5) Type1 Font files
> [...]

All these fonts are already there, you shouldn't need to install them. 


> I read the TeXshop help but it doesn't seem to be involved with fonts. 
> What is? All I care is pdf.

TeXShop doesn't deal with font itself, it's the content of the TeX 
i-Package, installed inside /Library/teTeX/, that does. The help for it 
lives in various "doc" subfolders inside.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

 From changes.txt

2004-01-26 PSNFSS 9.1b

         * freenfss.zip with fixed VFs and metrics for the Bitstream
         Charter fonts:  New kerning pairs Y-g and Y-s; corrected
         \fontdimen1 of the italic shapes; improved italic Euro symbols

         * helvet.sty:  Fixed implementation of the key-value interface.

         * Warning messages added to obsolete packages.

2003-11-17 PSNFSS 9.1

         * Updated VFs for all Adobe text font families, except Utopia:
         Added \texteuro, fixed zdot and \textasteriskcentered.

         * Courier: normal asterisk (*) is now vertically centered.

         * New VFs for Bitstream Charter with revised kerning data and
         faked \texteuro.  In particular, the overly tight kerning
         between L  and quoteright has been abolished.

         * The Pazo doublestroke font is now assigned the encoding U,
         rather than T1 and OT1.  The files t1fplmbb.fd and ot1fplm.fd
         are replaced by ufplmbb.fd.

         * The Utopia fonts are no longer regarded as "required"; the
         package utopia.sty is marked as "obsolete".

         * Documentation psnfss2e.* updated accordingly.

         * Test files enhanced to test the Euro symbols and the Pazo
         doublestroke font, while Utopia is omitted now.

2003-03-02 PSNFSS 9.0c

         * mathptmx,sty, mathpazo.sty:  \upOmega and \UpDelta are of
         type \mathord now, to make sure that they are always upright

         * pifont.sty:  \Pifill and \dingfill should no longer fail at
         the beginning or end of a paragraph. (Bug fix suggested by FMi.)

         * mathptm(x).sty:  \jmath, \coprod, and \amalg will now generate
         error messages rather than print black squares.  (Suggested by

         * Small changes to the documentation psnfss2e.*.

         * Enhanced test0.tex to test also the math alphabets.

         * 8r.enc:  version 2.0, comprising all of the Mac Roman
         character set, too.

         * The *.map files and the file 8r.enc have been moved out of the
         ZIP archives, since their final location in the texmf tree may
         vary wrt/ changes in the TDS specs.
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