[OS X TeX] memoir class, Table questions, position of floats, line numbering

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Fri Jun 11 16:53:57 CEST 2004

On 12/06/2004, at 12:28 AM, Herb Schulz wrote:

>> Finally, although I don't need this right now, in biology we often 
>> have
>> to submit documents that have lots of space between the lines within
>> paragraphs (double interligne in French). It is not pretty, but
>> journals want the manuscripts that way. How would you do this? And if
>> the journal also wants line numbers to appear in the left margin, can
>> this be done with LaTeX?
> \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.6} should do fine. This is a 
> multiplier
> for the line spacing; setting it to two makes the spacing look much too
> large.

This is an important point that isn't understood enough. Double spacing 
is an old typewriter measure and does not mean doubling the leading (or 
baselinestretch). Word makes this easier by offering users the option 
of singlespacing or doublespacing without telling the user what it 
comes to in terms of points. It is, as Herb says, about 1.6.

Journal editors often insist on these old typewriter measurements in a 
rigid way without understanding why. (They know that it looks ok if the 
article is submitted in 12pt Times with 1 inch margins around the 
page.) With LaTeX standard formatting (margins, font size, etc) double 
spacing looks pretty awful, and doesn't increase readability.

ce la vie (or whatever)

Adrian Heathcote

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