[OS X TeX] line numbering

Hendrik Chaltin hendrik.chaltin at univ.u-3mrs.fr
Thu Jun 3 22:53:58 CEST 2004

Friedrich, Bruno,

Bruno is probably right, but TeXShop
DOES some kind of line counting
which I frequently use:
choose a frequent word, such as "a"
and ask the Find panel to "Find all" instances of "a":
you'll get all instances with,
on the left, a mention of the "line"
in which every instance occurs;
the numbering doesn't change
if you broaden the window of the source file,
so it indeed seems to neglect wrapping as Bruno explained.

By the way, this might be a solution
to Hans van Maanen's problem
(May 31, 10.09 Paris time on my desk)

> In my text, I have simple -'s like in anti-terrorism. These should all 
> become "-'s in babel dutch to allow further hyphenation. I'd hate to 
> have to  to change every  - in  "-  in every include file. Is there a 
> way to set this change in the preamble of my main file so it happens 
> automatically?

well ... if he uses TeXShop:
ask the Find Panel to change all instances of - into ¨-
it works, I tried it
(beware of commands in the preamble containing -, though!
you'll have to change them back into - 's manually,
but the error messages tell you what you should do).


> Le 3 juin 04, à 21:34, Friedrich Vosberg a écrit :
>> How can I teach TeXShop to show the line numbers in the editors 
>> window?

> On 03 Jun 2004, at 21:46, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> I don't think it can. That wouldn't be much useful anyway, given 
>> TeXShop soft-wraps lines: what is shown on the screen as one 
>> paragraph made of several lines is actually one very long line, which 
>> is displayed wrapped to the size of the editor window (you can check 
>> this by resizing the window, you'll see the line breaks change 
>> accordingly).

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